How to Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month Virtually

How to properly celebrate and make the most out of AAPI heritage month virtually!

by Nikhil Bendre - April 6, 2022

Next month is May, which means Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is approaching! It’s so important to pay proper homage to our backgrounds, especially when it’s so easy to get caught up in the fast-paced norms of American culture. In your organization, make the effort to celebrate this month and give your AAPI employees the stage. It’s always interesting to see what the team can learn about each other’s origins! However, in this strange hybrid time for the workforce, we realize that there is uncertainty about how to effectively navigate celebrating this month virtually. Let’s get into some ideas!

Virtual Movie Night

Use Zoom or another group streaming platform to watch a movie starring and/or directed by members of the AAPI community! There is a whole world of incredible media beyond American borders, and this would be a great way to gain some exposure to films and projects from other countries. 

Virtual Lunch Date

Send out UberEats gift cards to your team and encourage them to order from local AAPI restaurants! One of the best ways to experience a new culture is through the food, so get your team to expand their culinary horizons. Afterwards, ask your team what they decided to eat and get their thoughts on it! Here at GoCo, we do weekly Small Business Spotlights, so implementing something like that into your organization’s practices would allow you to properly spotlight some AAPI businesses and restaurants this month!

Highlight Some AAPI Nonprofit Organizations

Find some AAPI causes to support and discuss them with your team! This option is a great way to take your DEI efforts beyond simply talking and “put your money where your mouth is.” There is much to be gained in actually making an impact in the community as part of your celebration. Here are some AAPI organizations to consider!

AAPI Trivia

Playing a game of Trivia with questions about the AAPI community and history is a fun, easy, and lighthearted way to gain more knowledge on the topic! These questions can revolve around history, pop culture, significant contributors, and so much more, the sky really is the limit! 

Check out this trivia game from Confetti! A “Quiz Whiz” runs the game for you and everyone joins using a shared Zoom link. 

Company-Wide Training

At GoCo, we like to honor minority acknowledgement months by holding company-wide training sessions on their significance. Consider implementing this practice in your “all-hands” meetings so that your whole team can benefit from the insights of this presentation. Also, if you have any AAPI team members that feel comfortable hosting this lesson, let them take the wheel. Nobody can teach about culture better than the ones who are actually immersed in it!

AAPI Heritage Month is not only an opportunity for this community to get some acknowledgement and appreciation, but it’s also an opportunity for people outside of the community to learn something new about a different culture from their own! One of the most valuable things we can possess is knowledge, so make sure to intersect fun and education in whichever activities you decide to partake in this month. The term “AAPI” is extremely general, as there is a multitude of vastly different cultures and backgrounds that fall under this category. Take some time to explore them all so you can see just how much beauty and history Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders possess!

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