Take GoCo for a Test-Drive with New Interactive Accounts

by Allie Collins
New Interactive Demo Accounts

Great news for future GoCoNuts! GoCo just announced a new way to test-drive GoCo for free, as long as you want! Our new Interactive Accounts come pre-loaded with demo data so you get the full picture of the value GoCo can deliver to your business.

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Here are five of our favorite features to explore in our Interactive Demo

1. Dynamic Org Charts. Easily visualize your team's structure and search for team members.

2. Streamlined Hiring & Onboarding. Give your new hires a delightful experience on and before their first day.

3. Beautiful Benefits Administration.
Bring your own benefits and broker, and we'll handle the administration and enrollment.

4. Advanced PTO Tracking. Built to handle even the most complex time-off scenarios, we'll track accruals, balances, requests, and approvals.

5. Magical Document Experiences. Transform any document into a digital form that can be signed, sent, and organized in one place.

Ready to see it in action? Sign up for your own Interactive Account now, or Schedule a Demo to learn more.

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