The Top HR Conferences for 2019 and 2020

Stay ahead of important HR policies and processes while developing your own career by attending these HR conferences

Human resources professionals spend much of their time caught up in the day-to-day. Schedules are full making sure employees have what they need, the business is operating smoothly and key processes are all in order. It’s easy to lose sight of important opportunities to learn, develop and stay abreast of important industry trends.  

Like in any profession, HR conferences and trade shows are great places to refresh your big-picture view, learn about new subjects and network with peers.  They can be even more important in HR, where staying abreast of workplace compliance rules and regulations, employee trends and ever-changing technology offerings are critical to your company’s everyday operations. Not to mention that HR shows are an invaluable source of continuing education credits to maintain your HR certifications of choice. 

Even though they’re an important part of any HR professional’s career growth, and should be a key part of any company’s plans, it’s easy to lose track of the names and dates. Here’s a handy list of the leading national human resources conferences, along with a list of links to a number of cool specialty and regional shows.

Key Conferences to Watch:

  • HR Comply – HR Comply is hosted by Business and Legal Resources (BLR) and focuses on workplace policy updates, compliance and risk avoidance best practices, and HR recordkeeping. Nashville will host the 2019 conference from November 14 to 15. 
  • HR Technology Conference & ExpoHR Tech has been leading the way for 20+ years in spotlighting the latest in technology and how cutting-edge companies are continuously evolving to meet today’s challenges. Las Vegas will host the 2019 conference from October 1 to 4.

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  • The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference & Expo the annual SHRM conference is billed as the world’s largest and is a great place for just about any core human resources topic. With plenty of education credit opportunities and the widest reach, if you’re looking for “the big show,” it’s this one. The 2019 show has passed, but San Diego will host next year’s show from June 28 – July 1.
  • State Level Shows because of the complex and sometimes local nature of human resources processes and best practices, state-level shows offer can offer unique value. Don’t overlook the exposure to local subject matter experts and focused workshop offerings that these sometimes smaller events bring to the table. It’s an opportunity to really dig in with like-minded folks. To find shows near you, a good start is to check out the SHRM state affiliate conferences.

Specialized Conferences: 

The list above is just a start of major shows targeted at HR professionals of all types. There are lots of specialized shows of all sizes for people focused on a specific topic like benefits, recruiting or learning and development. Here are just a few, we’ll do what we can to keep it up to date!

  • SHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference – set annually in Washington D.C., this conference helps attendees understand the complex legal landscape that affects an organization. Dates for 2020 have not been released, but typically the show is in the early spring. 
  • ERE Recruiting Forum – a leading show on talent acquisition and recruiting, typically held in October.
  • Human Capital Institute events – HCI hosts a number of conferences and events throughout the year, often with more focused subjects like engagement, diversity, people analytics, and leadership development.

Ask about whether you can earn recertification credits for any certificates you hold by attending one of these HR conferences, too.

Once you’ve decided which human resources events are best for you, explain to your boss how your attendance will benefit the whole workplace. You’ll build your whole HR department’s knowledge of vital topics such as technology or compliance while also learning where to turn with future questions.

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