Employee Spotlight: Mari-Ann Meling

Employee highlight: Mari-Ann Meling – Frontend Developer

Meet Mari-Ann Meling, GoCo’s first female software engineer who’s crushing the gender stereotype and being a pro in a male-dominated industry.

Mari-Ann Meling

Her career took off in London where she attended University and established herself as a frontend developer at well-known organizations. With her outstanding experience working in the computer software industry, GoCo saw her as a perfect candidate and invited her to join the family. As a working mother, she appreciates GoCo’s generous PTO policy and takes advantage of it by doing what she loves most, traveling the world with her daughter.

As a frontend developer, Mari-Ann focuses on bringing life to the GoCo website.  She builds all of the customer-facing code — often referred to as User Interface (UI), which is essentially anything a user may interact with when using the GoCo website. Her team is currently working on third party integrations for time-off requests and other exciting features.

Mari-Ann is a mentor at Codebar, which is a non-profit organization headquartered in London that focuses on helping underprivileged people learn to computer program and expose them to career opportunities. She is passionate about increasing diversity in tech by reaching out to women, minorities, and those from deprived backgrounds through workshops provided by Codebar. 

Some of the members of the Codebar Team at GoCo

During her time at GoCo, she has managed to bring together a group of colleagues who now work along with her, introducing and expanding the Codebar program from its origin in London to the greater Houston area.

Her advice to young women interested in pursuing a career in tech/engineering: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” She says. “Find a mentor who has experience in the field, attend informational sessions, and join coding clubs.”

In her free time, she practices learning Arabic and French, as she is already fluent in English and Norwegian. Her life aspiration is to one day work at a tech non-profit driving diversity and tech education for children.

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