5 Reasons You Should Automate Employee Performance Reviews (and How!)

With such a heavy focus on remote work and productivity, now is the time to automate your employee performance review workflow for good.

by Aimie Ye, SEO Manager @ GoCo

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow, many businesses are adapting to a “new normal” and operating remotely for the foreseeable future. In this time of uncertainty, HR professionals, managers, and employees face new challenges, from adjusting to completely digital communications, to ensuring that business operations move forward as planned. To keep operations rolling with minimal disruption, HR pros must continue to check in with and enable their employees to stay focused. 

A dilemma many HR managers and business owners now face as they reassess business strategies is whether or not to continue with performance reviews and evaluations. In addition to financial hits that companies might take during the pandemic, managing feedback, performance review workflows and communications during COVID-19 can be equally daunting and time consuming. 

Performance management is designed to help employees at your organization create and follow a process to achieve goals within the business. Strong performance management programs empower managers and employees to align their visions on expectations, development, and learning. Many HR pros and business owners struggle to complete performance reviews due to the amount of time and process itself. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

With such a heavy focus on remote work and productivity, now is the time to automate your employee performance reviews and workflows for good.

Here are 5 reasons why.

Benefits of Streamlining Performance Review Workflows

Adopting HR Workflow automation software like GoCo can help you achieve:

1. Faster, and Simpler Administration

Standardizing and automating performance review workflows helps simplify the administration process. The ability to customize task assignees, performance review tasks, deadlines, question form fields and more makes it much easier for HR pros and direct managers to manage their checklists and track tasks in the workflows. Reviewing permissions will be easier than ever as well!

2. Time Savings

Instead of manually completing your performance review checklist, streamlining your performance reviews helps ensure that all tasks are completed accurately and on time by the manager, employee, and other executives involved. Instead of orchestrating and manually reaching out to various departments to collect information needed for performance management, HR admin can focus on other priorities.

3. Punctual Review Completion

Manually completed checklists and performance reviews may cause confusion and mix up around due dates, as there are many moving parts. From employee self-evaluations to manager expectations, automating workflows and having a visual timeline help ensure timely review completion. You can set-up triggers and customize each element to eliminate manual follow-up on reviews.

4. Cost Savings

With automated workflows for performance reviews, HR pros and managers are able to easily recreate performance review tasks, descriptions, assign these tasks, assign due dates, and collect custom fields. The time and energy saved on streamlining these processes also allows for significant cost savings. Managers can dedicate more time to helping employees improve and providing feedback, instead of getting bogged down by clunky and manual review processes. 

5. Improved Employee Productivity

After automating performance review workflows, employees will easily be able capture and revisit their goals and manager feedback in one place. Streamlining these workflows allows for much easier collaboration between employees, admins, managers, and other team members. Goal alignment becomes tighter and employees are able to focus on execution of their objectives, rather than the process of filling out these objectives. 

How to Streamline Basic Performance Reviews

Now that you understand the “why”, let’s dive into the “how”. GoCo’s automated workflows feature allows you to easily set-up performance review templates and customize each task within.

1. Create a custom workflow template with:

  • Add name, description and icon
  • Designate permissions levels
  • Create tasks required for each team member
  • Group tasks by employee, manager, and executive
  • Assign performance review tasks and due dates to the appropriate team members
  • Insert relevant form fields to collect information (i.e. self-assessment forms, meeting notes, etc.)

2.  Start your performance review workflow

  • After you’ve created a custom template, simply choose an employee to start the performance review process.

3. Trigger alerts and view assignees and task completion status in regards to performance reviews

GoCo’s workflows feature (COMING SOON) helps reduce the burden HR pros and managers feel around completing employee, manager, and executive assessments for performance reviews. Schedule a demo with us today!

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