Guide: Addressing Workplace Compliance Issues Raised by Race, Protests, and Politics

Our guide includes an overview of the issues that may arise in the workplace in 2022 and how to best handle them

June 10, 2020

After countrywide protests against systemic racism in 2020 highlighted the urgency of addressing diversity, equity & inclusion in the workplace, organizations made commitments to change and pledged to advance DEI initiatives.

Since then, many companies are still navigating the logistics of moving DEI goals forward, especially when it comes to addressing conversations around these topics within the workplace. This guide includes an overview of the rights of both employers and employees with respect to non-work-related discussions as well as some issues that may arise as a result of the protests.

What this guide includes:

  • Updating your harassment and discrimination policy
  • How to manage distribution of your policies
  • What rights employees and employers have
  • How to have uncomfortable conversations
  • Managing social media
  • …and more to help you navigate this time

Our goal at GoCo is to help HR pros remain complaint, communicative and educated by providing resources such as this one. 

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