Introducing Some Cool Updates to GoCo Documents! 📝🥳

by Michael Gugel, CPO @ GoCo

We’re planning to make GoCo Documents better throughout 2020 and we’re excited to kick things off with this release:

1. Mobile Document Completion
I won’t mince words — completing a document on mobile used to be pretty bad. Now, it’s amazing!

The zoom is automatically set to an appropriate level. 
You can pinch to zoom in and out. 
You have a button to jump to the next field. That’s really important for longer documents since no one wants to scroll through 100 pages.
The top section has been condensed to leave more room for the actual content of the document.

2. Upload Hidden Documents
Before, all documents uploaded to a team member’s profile were automatically visible to that team member. But sometimes, there might be a sensitive document that you want to keep on file, but hide from that team member (e.g. a complaint from another team member). Now, you can!

3. Add Expiration Dates to Uploaded Documents 
Some team members may have a license or certification with an expiration date. Before, you’d have to set a calendar reminder to follow-up on those expiring documents.  Not anymore! Now, you can add an expiration date to an uploaded document and GoCo will notify you when it’s about to expire.

4. Send a document to a Location or Department
Before, you could only send a document to all team members or painstakingly select each team member 1-by-1. Now, you can easily send a document to everyone in a particular location or department.

5. Saving on the fly
Before, documents wouldn’t save as you were typing stuff in. They would only be saved once you hit the “Finished” button. That wasn’t a problem for simple documents that only needed a signature. But for more complex documents like performance reviews, you would lose all your progress if you didn’t complete it in one sitting. Now, the document will automatically save as you type so you won’t lose your progress if you go grab a cup of coffee.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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