Our Favorite HR Memes to Kick Off 2021

Summing up how HR feels now that we’re entering the pandemic transition period

by Nikhil Bendre

One thing is agreeable across the board – 2020 was a rollercoaster. But it’s not over yet! As HR professionals, dealing with the hurdles that have been thrown at us has been utterly exhausting, from navigating new COVID-19 regulations to remote work policies. Now that we’re entering this strange transition period of the pandemic, with the vaccine-rollout gaining traction, the need for HR support only increases. 

Some of us have gotten really creative online, making memes that perfectly encapsulate what we’re all feeling. These memes definitely gave us a great laugh and now we’re trying to share the laughter with you! Enjoy!

1. When new legislation gets passed… again. The American Rescue Plan? W-2 updates?

2. “Guys! We’re working in-person again!”

3. The ultimate test of patience… Thank goodness for HR software!

4. We all hit that breaking point

5. We’ve been isolated.. Our social meters are down to zero…. WHY?

6. Staying a safe distance away

7. When you’ve received this line one too many times

8. Having a nice day can be a big ask: Just have day

9. “Finally 2020 is over! Now we can go back to normal!” SIKE

10. Hahahaha…ha……..

11. Easy peasy

12. “I just sit back and observe”

13. When the policy changes you’ve been suggesting are finally approved

14. And somehow, being the superheroes we are, we manage to get it done

15.  When I say we’re work besties, I mean work BESTIES

16. Choosing peace instead of violence today


If you’ve got any great HR memes, we want to see them! Tag GoCo on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – we could use a good laugh!

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