Re-hiring an employee is now easier than ever

by Michael Gugel, CPO @ GoCo

With today’s release, we’ll save you (and your newly re-hired employee or contractor) all the work of typing in the information you already have on GoCo.

All their personal information, banking information, custom fields, and emergency contacts will be automatically carried over when you initiate the re-hiring process. And, if something changed from the time the employee previously left the company, all that information can still be easily updated too.

The best part is that if you have a company policy of waiving benefit waiting periods for those re-hires, you can do that right on GoCo too. Let’s take a closer look!

1) To get started, find the previously terminated team member’s profile on the Team Page. Click the Actions menu and select Rehire as Employee.
Pro-tip: Make sure you check the “Terminated” filter to see all previously terminated team members


2) We’ll automatically carry over all their personal information, bank account information, emergency contacts, and custom fields throughout the re-hiring process.
Pro-tip: The team member’s terminated record will still remain. You can always access their old documents, time off requests, etc. from there


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3) Next, you’ll get the opportunity to update his or her salary, send a new offer letter, recollect documents (like the I-9, W4, etc.).  It’s similar to the way you hire a new employee, but most of the information is pre-filled. And since they’re a re-hire, you’ll also have the ability to waive the waiting period per your company’s & carrier’s policy.


4) Finally, you’ll get a chance to review the hiring information and you’re done!  Your re-hire will go through the onboarding process again (to review the new offer letter, re-complete the I-9, etc.), but with the key fields already pre-filled.

As a special bonus, if you ever need to review your team member’s employment history, you can now check out the History tab under the Employment and Compensation tab. In the example below, you’ll see their original start date, their termination date, and their re-hire date.


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