December Small Business Spotlights – Houston Gift Ideas

This month, GoCo highlights a few local Houston businesses that are perfect for the modern gift-giver.

by Aimie Ye

With holiday season in full swing, the act of gift-giving has been top of mind for many. And, even though Christmas is over, it’s never too late to give a meaningful gift — especially if it’s locally made. 

In the true giving spirit, we’ve compiled a few local Houston gems, covering a wide range of gifts for different interests and occasions. From home accessories to plants and sweets, here are some local shops you’ve got to try!


Araya Artisan Chocolate

Uptown Park
1141 Uptown Park Blvd. Suite 00. Houston, TX, 77056
See website for additional locations.
IG: @arayachocolate

Founded in 2010, Araya Artisan Chocolate is known for handcrafted gourmet chocolates — made with French and Belgian techniques, and using only the best single-origin Venezuelan chocolate. Husband and wife duo Stefano Zullian and Carla Susi founded the business with the hopes of creating innovative, premium sweets and gifts for any occasion.

How to support: Order gift boxes & gift cards online, or order for curbside pick-up!

Fun Flavors: Earl Grey, Strawberry Balsamic, Bourbon & Cherry, Moroccan Tea, and more.


Babe And The Beard

IG: @babeandthebeardhtx

If you’re looking to support a local, woman, and minority-owned business, Babe And The Beard is the spot for you! Babe And The Beard started as a hobby, and has turned into a full-time gig for this puppy-loving husband and wife duo. The local shop specializes in a wide range of amazing gift ideas, including customized drinkware, accessories, home decor, and even wedding gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

How to support: Order accessories & gifts online. They ship worldwide!

The Flora Culture

3100 Chimney Rock Rd, Ste A4, Houston, TX 77056
IG: @thefloraculture

Founded by Jemine and Matthew Oakes, this interior plant and design business in Houston was created out of a love for plants, and the desire to make them accessible and attainable for all people. This business not only sells your standard potted plants, but also offers services like experiential workshops, in-store services, home plant consultations and floral design.

How to support: Purchase from their online store or sign up for various workshops and home services!

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