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Time Off on GoCo just got even better!

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by GoCo - November 7th, 2017

If you use GoCo to manage your team's time off, you're in luck! We've made it even better! Here are some of the highlights:

Before: Your team could request partial days off, but they couldn't specify what time they'd be out of office.
After: Your team can specify the time range they'll be OOO. It'll even show up on the calendar in the right time slot.

Before: Your team could accrue time off based on tenure, but the maximum time off cap was not based on tenure -- it was applied to everyone on your team.
After: The maximum time off cap can now be based on tenure.

Before: Setting up a PTO policy could become complicated.
After: We've made it much more intuitive and offer up a preview of what an employee's accrual schedule might look like so you know everything is setup perfectly.

Before: If someone's time off spanned across two pay periods, the PTO report would show the total amount of days off in just the first pay period period.
After: The PTO report will appropriately distribute the number of days off in each pay period.

We also threw in:

  • Bi-Annual, monthly, weekly accrual intervals

  • Ability to rename / delete policies

  • 0.5 Hour request increments

  • Support decimal hours in a work day (6.5 hours per work day)

  • Managers can no longer modify PTO balances

  • PTO report now shows active/terminated

And as a special bonus, it's now way easier to bulk update your team's managers. Just go to:
Team > Permissions > Managers