Tips for Hiring Global Employees from the United States

by Elle Mason - June 3, 2022

In 2022, global recruitment is easier than it’s ever been before, particularly with the overwhelming shift to remote work. Between that and the Great Resignation, more employers are looking for new hires beyond the US. In fact, according to research from SHRM, 7 out of 10 employers consider foreign workers to be an important part of their overall talent strategy. Given that the interest is likely to rise, this article will cover common considerations about the benefits, requirements, processes, and tips for HR to hire international employees.

What are the advantages of hiring global employees?

Wider pool of skills

Employees from outside of the US can bring a breadth of new skills that aren’t trained or taught in the US – or that are taught from a new approach. They can also bring multilingual skills, which can expand the organization’s customer base and overall reach.

New insights

Global or international recruiting can offer insights into a new business market, climate, customs, and connections that would otherwise be difficult to get. And if your organization wants to expand into that market, you’ll have first-hand experience.

Positive contributions to workplace culture & DEI

Expanding your organizational culture into one that is international or global can bring more diverse workers into the fold, can challenge your company to enhance their inclusion efforts to ensure that they’re accounting for specific regional norms, and can generally provide profound cultural learning and insight.

What are the risks of hiring global employees?

All of the risks are mainly compliance-related, and can be avoided with due diligence and support. But three of the most common challenges can be:

Misclassification of contractors or employees

This can go in either direction, meaning an employee that is incorrectly classified as a contractor, or vice versa. Employers should be extremely careful about ensuring classification is correct, as an audit that reveals a misclassification can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of back wages.

Failure to correctly perform international payroll

Currency, taxes, benefits, and payment systems can all present a new challenge when setting up international payroll. Employers would be wise to connect with experts who can assist them in this regard.

Running afoul of international labor law

Employers must comply with both their own and their new hires employment laws. For many employers, this will require a thorough look at the laws pertaining to probation periods, paid time off, and termination in their new hire’s country of residence – as those are three common areas where businesses experience compliance issues.

Other tips and considerations for HR when recruiting and hiring international employees

Competitive Compensation

Unfortunately, many employers fail to consider how they’re compensation and benefits package can be the most attractive and competitive in the global market. Researching and building a better understanding of salary and wage regulation, standard or legally-required benefits, minimum wage laws, and bonuses will help employers to build a robust package.

Inclusive Environment

Just as the US has its own regional or national holidays, the global employees will also have their own cultural and national holidays that, if disregarded, can make them feel demoralized. Other ways of ensuring your environment is globally inclusive can include: offering flexible schedules and asynchronous collaboration when reasonable, so that hires don’t have to drastically alter their working and sleep hours.

How GoCo can help

First and foremost, it can standardize the hiring and onboarding process since everyone is onboarded the same way.

GoCo supports international work locations and currency – With GoCo, adding an employee with international currency is extremely easy. Using the hiring wizard, HR managers can choose from a wide range of currency types and customize pay rates. Adding international work locations is equally as easy by updating the Locations, Divisions & Departments module.

Excluding U.S. Specific Forms – After assigning an employee to an international location, GoCo will automatically exclude U.S> Specific forms. If you do need to send these to the employees, you will be able to manually add them through the new hire onboarding wizard.

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