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2024 Federal Holidays: A Complete Guide for Small Businesses

A comprehensive list of federal holidays in 2024, the difference between federal and non-federal holidays, and how small businesses can prepare.

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10 mins read

Everything Your HR Team Needs to Know about PTO in 2023

Types of PTO structures, types of leave, PTO policies, and more

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9 mins read

How PTO Has Changed Through COVID-19

HR's guide to re-evaluating PTO policies amidst the pandemic.

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11 mins read

How to Create a PTO Policy

Understand how to create a Paid Time Off Policy that fits with your organization while staying compliant with government laws & improving employee retention

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11 mins read

Leave Policies: What Every Employer Should Know Pt. 2

Part 1 of this series explored the basics of leave policies. This article will examine some of the current trends pertaining to leave policies....

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