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Bridge the Connectivity Gap between Carriers and HR

GoCo’s integration with Ideon (formerly Vericred) uses APIs to automate the quick and seamless exchange of quoting, enrollment, and eligibility data between insurance carriers, brokers, and GoCo.

Eliminate Manual Entry into Carrier Systems

Skip the tedious, high-stakes and error prone process of manual entry into insurance carriers. Ideon’s APIs sync data in real time, saving substantial time and reducing costs for HR pros and brokers alike.

Connect with Hundreds of Insurance Carriers

Receive access to hundreds of medical and ancillary carriers using Ideon APIs, and ensure consistency across all lines of coverage.

Sync Benefits Enrollments and Changes

Easily add coverage periods, select policies, and sync data to the carriers via the Ideon APIs. We handle mapping of plans, classes, and departments so you don’t have to!

Quickly Resolve Enrollment Problems

With embedded validations in the APIs, GoCo’s Ideon integration delivers synchronous responses to invalid data or formats, and reduces time spent dealing with errors.

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Say hello to a new era of digital connectivity between insurance and HR software. The integration is easy to use and automate.

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Small Group Friendly

Great for small businesses who may not be eligible for EDIs, Ideon’s APIs help automate benefit enrollment tasks for any size business.

GoCo has many partners that they can recommend you to for benefits and other lines of coverage. It’s a versatile tool without becoming too robust or confusing to navigate and administer; making it a perfect fit for our small team.

Michelle O’Neal

Director of Operations and Human Resources at Comit Developers

Integrate with Ideon today to automate your benefits process.