Send a Form W-4 to be digitally signed and completed by your team within minutes.

GoCo makes it easy to send a Form W-4, and keep track of who has completed it. All documents are stored securely in one place helping you stay compliant.

How does it work?

GoCo makes it super easy to send out the Form W-4 to be completed by your team.

1 Send W-4 to your team

The W-4 Form is built as a digital template ready to be sent immediately. Just choose who you want to send it to, customize a message and send! Your W-4 will be securely sent to each team member to be completed.

2 Your team completes digitally

Each team member you chose to send to will receive an email notification asking to complete the Form W-4. They’ll be able to digitally review, complete and sign their documents within minutes.

3 You review and approve

Once a team member completes their Form W-4, you’ll be asked to review what they submitted as a final confirmation.

You’re done!

Your team’s Form W-4s are completed and stored securely in one place. You can review and download the documents for your team at any time.

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