GoCo Payroll Integrations

GoCo Payroll Sync integrates with any cloud-based payroll, to seamlessly bring your HR, benefits, and payroll together. Try our Embedded Payroll or Bring Your Own.


Most Popular Integrations


GoCo has partnered with Execupay, an industry-leading payroll provider, to create an all-in-one embedded payroll solution built into GoCo.

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Flexible Cloud-Based Integrations

If you’re happy with your current payroll provider, GoCo can sync data directly into your cloud-based payroll platform.

Run by ADP

GoCo integrates with RUN for an automated and customizable small business payroll software solution.


GoCo connects with Gusto, a modern payroll platform with automated tax services and filings.


GoCo seamlessly works with Paychex, a payroll software solution that replaces manual processes.


GoCo works with Sage, a payroll solution for automated payment, deductions and withholdings.


GoCo connects effortlessly with Paycom, an automated payroll platform focused on accuracy.


Connect GoCo with Paysphere, a tax management and payroll processing solution.


GoCo integrates with Paylocity for an automated and customizable small business payroll software solution.


GoCo integrates with Quickbooks, a popular and easy-to-use accounting software for small to medium sized businesses

Dominion Payroll

GoCo seamlessly works with Dominion Payroll, an online payroll management software.

Patriot Payroll

GoCo easily integrates with Patriot, an accounting and payroll software for small businesses.


Sync GoCo with Paycor, an intuitive payroll & tax solution for small to medium sized businesses.

Don’t see your payroll software here?

GoCo syncs with most cloud-based payroll solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GoCo Embedded Payroll is an all-in-one payroll experience built inside of GoCo, and powered by ExecuPay. It’s great for companies who want to run payroll inside of GoCo, with a single login.
Payroll Sync is best for companies that already have a payroll solution that they want to keep, but want to sync HR, Benefits, Time Tracking, or PTO data with their payroll. If you don’t want to change payroll providers, Payroll Sync is a great option.

GoCo Payroll Sync integrates with any cloud-based payroll provider. If you don’t see your cloud-based solution listed, contact us and we’ll make sure it’s a fit.

Embedded Payroll is a great choice if you’re looking for a completely unified experience inside of GoCo. If you want a single login, with all your data inside GoCo, and all your billing and customer support handled by GoCo, it’s a great choice.
For a quick consultation to decide if Embedded Payroll is right for you, you can schedule a chat with a GoCo expert.

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