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Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Pride Month In 2023

Celebrate and support the LGBTQIA+ community this Pride Month! Learn about its history and show your genuine support beyond rainbow avatars

35 Reasons to Work From Home: Remote Work Benefits in 2023

Despite the increasing debates surrounding workplace models, the benefits of working from home are indisputable.

Young, Fun, & Remote: How Gen Z Is Bringing Fun to Work

What do junior team members want when working from home? We’ve asked them directly!

10 Professional Self-Care Activities for Working From Home

Self-care is vitally important when working from home and must be allotted for both across an organization and among individuals.

10 New Job Seeker Stats on Workplace Flexibility

Preferences on work flexibility show that most workers prefer a hybrid approach.

5 Virtual Icebreaker Activities (Tried & Tested)

5 fun ways to help your remote team bond, connect, and communicate.

Does Remote Working Really Work?

Many corporations see the benefits of remote work. The question is: does remote working really work?

16 Tips to Improve Productivity While Working Remotely

Learn how you can fight distractions and avoid procrastination with these 16 actionable tips to increase your productivity when working from home.

21 Statistics on Working From Home & Remote Work in 2023

Check out the latest data and statistics on remote work and its impact on employee engagement, mental health, company culture, and more in 2023

14 Virtual Company Happy Hour Ideas

Ideas to take your organization's Virtual Happy Hour to the next level

Don't Panic! 5 Ways To Keep Your Remote Team's Security Strong

Security is critical for remote teams as they’re vulnerable to unique risks

How to Make Hybrid Model Work

A hybrid work model is when a company combines remote and office-based employees. The benefits can include lower costs and higher productivity, but it can...

22 Employee Engagement Ideas That Remote Workers Love

A cheat-sheet for HR Professionals looking to boost employee engagement & preserve a close-knit team culture while teleworking

A Guide to Managing HR Challenges for SaaS Companies

SaaS companies are facing new challenges when it comes to HR, from hiring and onboarding to the rise of remote work – here are some tips to overcome them.

What Skills Must Remote Workers Have

Hybrid and remote work is the future. 42% of company employees are using a hybrid work approach, with 27% back in the office full time...

HR's Guide to Creating a Remote Work Policy

In 2022, many workplaces have developed a hybrid remote/in-office system which requires its own considerations.

How to Make Online Events Awesome

We’ve all been there.The host forgot to unmute; somebody else should be on mute, but isn’t. You can hear them sneeze in the background as...

What Gen Z Really Needs to Make Remote Working Work

It’s no secret that working remotely has brought on new challenges — and benefits — for knowledge workers of all age groups.

Remote Work Is Here To Stay

Explore the benefits & challenges of remote work and why some companies are embracing it even after the pandemic

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Increase Employee Engagement and Happiness In Remote-First Companies

In 2022, what is going to distinguish the best remote-first companies from the rest is their level of employee engagement. WFHomie works with remote teams...

WFH New Year’s Resolutions 2022

Working from home has changed so much about our lives. In this new remote world, our work lives and personal lives are entangled in new...