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In 2018, the IRS updated their recommendations on how much money you should withhold from your paycheck so you’re not stuck with a big tax bill at the end of the year. 

Figuring out the right number requires complex IRS worksheet and calculations. We wanted to help, so we’ve made our W-4 Tax Withholding Calculator available to the public to share the love and remove the frustration.

GoCo W-4 Withholdings Calculator Calculate your federal tax withholding allowances for your Form W-4. View

Ready to get started? Just calculate your estimated withholding allowances and let your HR or payroll department know the new number so they can update it in the company’s payroll system. 

Your HR department may ask you to fill out the official IRS W-4 form too. If you found our calculator to be a big help, you can send the person in charge of HR this link to make it available to your whole team.

What’s more, if your employer opts to use GoCo’s HR & Benefits platform, we will auto-generate the W-4 forms-along with tons of other employee documents they need to collect to make their life simpler. ?

Here is some more information about GoCo’s W-4 Withholding Calculator for those that love to nerd out with us:

  • We updated it to the IRS’s 2018 recommendations
  • Introduced a massive improvement to the accuracy of the recommendations with households with multiple earners.
  • Introduced a massive improvement to the accuracy of the recommendations for people with multiple jobs.
  • Before, the calculator was only accessible to GoCo clients. Now, it’s accessible to anyone!

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This has simplified my work life, and significantly reduced the number of hours I spend on human resources. Everything is in one place, and our team is able to make changes to their information, without me touching it.
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