GoCo + When I Work
Keep your HR synced with When I Work

Easily hire on GoCo with a few clicks. All changes are synced to When I Work.
  • Abigale changed her address
  • Brandyn's salary increased
  • Blake's work location has changed
  • Erin changed her name
  • Ara updated his phone number
  • Bonita's department has changed

Add employees to When I Work with a single click

With GoCo, there’s no need to fill in a employee’s information twice. You can hire an employee with a few simple clicks and choose to have them automatically added to When I Work.

Automatically create an When I Work account for new-hires during onboarding so they are setup on their first day.

Changes in GoCo are synced with When I Work

If a change is made to an employee’s information in GoCo, it’s automatically synced to When I Work. GoCo will automatically sync changes to fields such as:

  • First & Last Names
  • Addresses & Phone numbers
  • Hourly Wages
  • Work Locations
  • Departments (Positions in When I Work)

GoCo Helps With FLSA Compliance

When hiring a new employee in GoCo, we inform you if your employee’s wage & exemption status may be non-compliant and provide you with suggestions on how to fix it.

5 Minute Setup

Setup GoCo & connect with your When I Work account in 5 minutes. ??

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