HR software so you can focus on the people, not the paperwork.

Onboard a new employee, send & collect documents, or easily manage time off.
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Hire new employees within minutes, not days.

Just fill in some basic information about the new hire, choose which documents that need to be completed, and send the offer letter. No more printing out paperwork packets, or following up with new hires for information you need to collect.

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Employee Onboarding

New hires can onboard digitally within minutes.

Imagine instead of starting your first day with a stack of paperwork, you can review your offer letter, and complete all your new hire paperwork within minutes online. GoCo can make that happen.

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Team Directory

Your team’s data accessed from a single place.

GoCo helps you get organized around your team’s data, empowering you to do more with less time. Collect custom fields, send a document to a department, or keep track of time off balances.

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Magic Documents

Your existing documents, with a touch of magic.

Upload all of your existing offer letters, agreements, handbooks and other documents. GoCo let’s you turn your documents into Magic Templates that can be automatically filled in with your team’s data. No more chasing down paperwork from your team. Everything can be sent, signed and organized in one place.

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Time Off

Track PTO requests, balances and approvals, all without spreadsheets

Give your team an easy way to request time off and have their managers approve it. GoCo automatically keeps track of accruals, max balances and all other aspects of your company’s PTO policy. No more spreadsheets, no more hassle.

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Payroll Sync

Everything is kept in sync with your existing payroll.

There’s no need to switch the payroll provider you know works for you. With GoCo’s Payroll Sync, all changes made in GoCo can be synced over to any online based payroll.

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Benefit Enrollment

Bring your existing benefits + broker and leave the paperwork behind.

Benefit enrollment can be a complex and messy hassle. GoCo simplifies all of this by implementing all of the benefits your company offers, and letting your team enroll online. All the enrollment information is aggregated and synced to the insurance carriers.

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Robin G. - VP of HR
Every year [during open enrollment], I would have sleepless nights just trying to get people to finish their paperwork on time. With GoCo, the process is just so much easier.
Melissa C.Controller
I love the fact that not only does it integrate with our Slack platform – it is very comprehensive as far as managing our HR systems. It keeps our team organized – we can see benefits, documents, vacation and other time off requests in one place. It makes our new employee onboarding a breeze!
Erica R.HR Manager
GoCo helped us improve our relationship with our employees because they started to see that we were taking steps to ensure that they were being treated properly, and that they were receiving the attention that they needed.
Administrator in Accounting
One stop source for employee on-boarding, HR information, and benefit information – previously was scattered across multiple systems. We’ve gained a ton of capacity on our team by not having to manually process so many issues.

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GoCo brings everything you need to handle your HR and benefits, so you can focus on your team and company. Simple as that!

Online All-In-One HR, Benefits, Payroll Sync

Connected with the apps you know and love!

No more keeping your favorite apps in sync with your HR. GoCo integrates with several industry leading apps to keep your HR truly connected. Quick and easy!

Intuit Quickbooks
Google Calendar
Certified Advisors

An HR ecosystem of Technology & Partner Services enabling your success

We’ve partnered with the best in the HR and Benefits industry to give you direct access to the stellar support and expertise you and your team deserve.

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