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You deserve an intuitive HR, benefits, and payroll solution designed to help small and mid-sized businesses thrive.

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All-in-One HR Solution

Streamline HR by consolidating essential processes and data so you save time and have everything in one place.

Modern & Engaging

Our user-friendly interface and beautiful design make it easy for you and your team to navigate the platform and work efficiently.

Dedicated Customer Service

Every customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success team that is readily available to provide guidance and ensure a smooth and reliable HRIS experience.

Feeling overwhelmed by

compliance uncertainties?

disjointed workflows?

manual tasks?

We get it.

Managing HR responsibilities at a small business is no small feat, especially when you're expected to wear multiple hats without the right resources or support.

That's where GoCo can help. We’re more than just a software solution; we’re your partner in transforming HR challenges into victories.

You deserve comprehensive solutions and unwavering support to truly make an impact.

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Hear From Our Clients On How We Help

GoCo helped us improve our relationship with our employees because they started to see that we were taking steps to ensure that they were being treated properly, and that they were receiving the attention that they needed.

Erica R.

HR Manager

Ease of use and clean look. I'm the administrator for my company's GoCo account and it's super easy to get new employees onboarded and enrolled in benefits. We were using digital e-forms for benefits enrollments and I'm so glad to have an automated system for employees to elect insurance!

Jay G.

HR Manager

Every year [during open enrollment], I would have sleepless nights just trying to get people to finish their paperwork on time. With GoCo, the process is just so much easier.

Robin G.

VP of HR

GoCo has the best service of all the platforms i've worked with in this industry

One Digital

Benefit Consultant

GoCo has really held our hands through everything. We really see GoCo as our partner, not just a service provider.

Darby D.

Product Operations Manager

I love GoCo, and I adore their customer success team, because they are really who have made the experience all that it is for me.

Renee C.

HR Manager

Join the 10,000+ small and mid-sized US businesses using the GoCo platform.

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With GoCo, you don’t do it alone. We’ll guide you through the process and make sure you are set up for success.

Take Back Your Sanity

With a modern solution and streamlined workflows, you have more time to focus on what matters – your people!

Don’t let your business fall victim to the risks of disparate tools and manual processes…

64% of HR managers lack the time and resources to meet HR compliance challenges.

Only 1 in 10 employees strongly agree that their organization does a good job onboarding.

71% of HR professionals report that almost half of their department’s time is spent on administrative duties.

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33% of employers make payroll errors costing billions of dollars annually.

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