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How HR Tech Can Build a More Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

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May 30 · Thursday


And are you confident that your underrepresented employees feel fully supported and valued? 

If you don’t feel confident, you’re not alone. The latest studies show an alarming disconnect between employees’ and employers’ perceptions of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. Implementing a successful DEI program can feel daunting and full of unseen pitfalls. 

But if you don’t solve those complexities (like unintentional biases) with the right tools, you won’t gain the necessary traction in your DEI initiatives. Which means you’ll face reduced innovation, stagnation, and poor employee morale.

So join us for this free webinar, where you’ll gain insights into innovative HR tech tools that foster diversity and inclusivity. 

Berta Aldrich

Berta Aldrich

Executive Talent Coach

As a veteran C-suite executive, Berta understands the increasing level of complexity facing today’s high-performing business leaders.

She has spent her career leading a wide spectrum of companies through inflection points of monumental growth and unprecedented downturns in markets; reorganizing inefficient, high-priority departments; spearheading innovative product development and rebranding efforts; and developing strong alliances across the largest and most respected organizations.

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