Creating a Great First Day

Our panel of HR pros weigh in on how to make the first-day great for new hires

Are you responsible for any part of the onboarding experience at your organization?

We hosted a very successful panel with some amazing HR industry leaders, and compiled their answers to the most common onboarding questions, including how to create the best first day, and beyond!

This eBook will walk you through: 

    • Onboarding best practices for before the first day
    • Including other team members into new hire onboarding
    • What to do (and not to do) during the first day
    • Taking onboarding beyond their first day and the 30/60/90 rule
    • Q&A on special onboarding situations such as remote employee onboarding.

Ready to take your new hires’ first day to the next level? This is for you!

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