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HR Mythbusters: Debunking Common Industry Misconceptions

Does HR really just hire and fire? Are they the corporate "policy police"? Is HR just an administrative cost center that doesn't impact the bottom line?

Apr 18 · Thursday


Join us for a myth-shattering webinar where we'll separate fact from fiction when it comes to the human resources function. Too often, HR is misunderstood and undervalued based on outdated stereotypes and misconceptions.

In this fun and interactive session, we'll take a "Mythbusters" approach to debunking some of the most common HR myths, such as:

  1. HR only hires and fires employees.
  2. HR is not a revenue-generating department.
  3. HR is the judge, jury, and policy police.
  4. HR has nothing to do with business strategy.
  5. HR professionals will be replaced by technology.
  6. HR is easy - anyone can do it.

With real-world examples, data-driven insights, and perhaps some laughs or head nods, join GoCo and Tracie Sponenberg as we set the record straight on the strategic value HR professionals provide to organizations today. 

Got your own HR myths that you want to be debunked during the webinar? Come prepped to share them!

This session is eligible for 1 hour of SHRM/HRCI recertification credit. The credit code will be sent to registrants who attended the session live and were present during the session for the full amount of time required by SHRM or other certification vendors. If you are unable to attend the session live, we will still send you a recording of the session. By you registering for this webinar, you opt-in for GoCo and our speaker to contact you with emails, offers, and other correspondence post-webinar.

Tracie Sponenberg

Tracie Sponenberg


Tracie Sponenberg is a global speaker on HR, leadership, technology and business issues. The former Chief People Officer for The Granite Group, she recently founded Tracie Sponenberg, LLC, where she serves as a Fractional CPO and Advisor for companies in the distribution and manufacturing industries. While Tracie used to describe herself as “working in HR,” she now describes herself as a “Business leader specializing in People” following her transformation from paper-first to people-first leader, and embracing the importance of learning about the business, technology, the critical nature of relationships, the importance of a growth mindset, speaking up, and learning to always put people before profits.

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