Reduce the Manual Tasks of your HR Department

Learn how to automate manual tasks & build an employee self-service HR model


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Reduce the Manual Tasks of your HR Department
April 14, 2021 at 7:00 AM EST

Are you struggling with creating efficiency in your HR department? Maybe you've been wondering how you can enable employees to be more self-sufficient while still feeling like you're supporting them?

Join us on Wednesday, April 14th @ 11am CT to learn how you can reduce paperwork and other manual tasks in your HR department. We'll teach you key areas to shift to an employee self-serve model and why, potential issues to get ahead of, and how to get buy-in from both leadership and employees.

After this 1-hour session, you will:

  • Know tips for immediately automating some of your manual HR tasks

  • Understand the right areas for introducing an employee self-service model

  • Recognize best practices for moving to a self-service model

  • Increase and elevate your value to the business by creating more efficiency in your HR department

Presented by:

Shawn Casemore is a consultant, business growth and human resources expert who helps organizational leaders increase efficiency, become more effective in their roles and drive customer

  • Shawn’s expertise is instrumental in helping organizations understand how to structure and support their business from a strategic perspective.

  • Shawn is proud to have partnered with, spoken for, and consulted with some of the world’s most recognizable and leading companies.

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