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Retention Redefined: Leveraging people-managers to drive your HR engagement strategy

In today's dynamic HR landscape, the traditional playbook for retaining talent is undergoing a profound rewrite.

Apr 11 · Thursday


With rapid shifts in the labor market and evolving employee expectations, HR leaders are grappling with a pressing challenge: retaining top talent. Faced with unprecedented competition for skilled workers and a multitude of factors driving turnover, they find themselves in a constant battle to keep their teams intact.

For HR leaders seeking innovative solutions to enhance employee retention and cultivate a supportive workplace culture, this upcoming webinar is a must-attend event. Join 15Five, GoCo, and Bucketlist Rewards as we explore cutting-edge strategies to empower managers, foster continuous engagement, and secure commitment from both managers and employees to revolutionize your retention approach. Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights that will elevate your organization in 2024 and beyond.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  1. How managers can support their people from day one and beyond
  2. Understand how to promote growth and development for both managers and their teams
  3. How people managers can utilize Recognition to improve employee engagement
  4. How managers can use performance management data to drive decision-making

This session is eligible for 1 hour of SHRM/HRCI recertification credit. The credit code will be sent to registrants who attended the session live and were present during the session for the full amount of time required by SHRM or other certification vendors. If you are unable to attend the session live, we will still send you a recording of the session. By you registering for this webinar, you opt-in for GoCo and our speaker to contact you with emails, offers, and other correspondence post-webinar.

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