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We help brokers deliver an experience their clients love.

GoCo empowers brokers with a Modern HR & Benefit platform that's been proven to win new business, delight existing clients and help reduce workload.
HR & Benefits Designed For Clients

Put your clients first with HR, Benefits and Payroll sync designed to delight

It’s a new age where employers and employees expect more out of their HR and Benefits software. GoCo has built features that companies across the country love such as easy hiring & onboarding, document management, time off management, compliance tracking and more. The best part, all of the client’s data is kept perfectly in sync with benefits and payroll!

Time-Saving Broker Workflows

Workflows designed to make managing benefits easier for brokers

We understand the pain of managing benefits. Processing benefit enrollments, ensuring employees get enrolled on time, and getting all the paperwork filled in and signed is a hassle. GoCo has built all the tools to maximize efficiency for brokers such as online employee enrollments, carrier form generation, carrier EDI feeds, and a benefit sync dashboard that combines all processing tasks into one place.

Dedicated Training & Support

A dedicated GoCo expert is there to help

You’ll get a dedicated GoCo expert to help you with every step in implementing your clients. Questions from your clients about how GoCo works can all be directed to our trained support staff allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Easy Implementation

It’s easy to get started with GoCo

We know that learning new software can be daunting. To address this we give you everything you need to implement your clients quickly and efficiently. A single checklist outlining what information is required helps keep you on track. Backed up by your dedicated GoCo expert, there no guesswork of what’s needed to launch!

“We were able to implement 175+ clients within 3 months onto GoCo”
Certified GoCo Partner
Single-Login Client Management

All of your clients, managed from one login

Keeping track of all your clients and their employee’s information can be a hassle. GoCo gives you a single login to manage all of your clients and employee information from one spot. No more digging up information about your clients — it’s all organized and accessible from your own personal Partner Account.


Your clients will love how GoCo simplifies their HR, Benefits and Payroll Sync

Jay G. Validated Reviewer

“Great all-in-one platform for HRIS and Ben Admin”

Ease of use and clean look. I’m the administrator for my company’s GoCo account and it’s super easy to get new employees onboarded and enrolled in benefits. We were using digital e-forms for benefits enrollments and I’m so glad to have an automated system for employees to elect insurance!

Melanie K. Validated Reviewer

"If you are looking for a one stop HR portal - look no further than GoCo"

I love the fact that not only does it integrate with our Slack platform - it is very comprehensive as far as managing our HR systems. It keeps our team organized - we can see benefits, documents, vacation and other time off requests in one place. It makes our new employee onboarding a breeze!

Executive Sponsor in Marketing and Advertising Validated Reviewer

"Cleaned up a lot of our scattered hr processes"

One central, streamlined, easy to use tool for onboarding, health, vacation requests/tracking, and more. Goco team is also extremely proactive with updating us with new and government employment documents (i9 form as the most recent)

User in Food & Beverages Validated Reviewer

"Great software for office management"

I like that the time-off request is very easy to use for me and my manager. We are also going to use it to rack one-on-one's. We do use it for healthcare and benefits enrollment and management. So far it's been so easy to use!

Become a Partner

We’d love to partner with you

If you’re a broker wanting to deliver an amazing experience for your clients, we think you’d be a great partner.

Affiliate Partner Program

A turn-key solution for brokers who want to deliver the GoCo experience to their clients without having to manage it. Let GoCo handle all product demos, implementations, and training for your clients while you sit back and take all the credit!

GoCo will own
- Client Implementation
- Client Support & training
- Sales & Demos

Rev-Share Pricing
Offer GoCo to clients at market price. Receive a % of GoCo Premium upgrades from your clients.

Reseller Partner Program

A self-managed solution for brokers who want to fully license and operate the GoCo experience for their clients. Broker handles all product demos, implementations, and training directly with their clients, and GoCo provides the tech platform and supports your team to success.

Broker will own (w/ GoCo's support)
- Client Implementation
- Client Support & training
- Sales & Demos

Wholesale Pricing
Offer GoCo to clients at a reduced price. Receive a % of GoCo Premium upgrades from your clients.

Both partner programs include


HR + Benefits your clients will love

Features designed to delight your clients by addressing their needs around HR, Benefits and Payroll Sync.


Dedicated GoCo Expert

A real-live dedicated expert that will work with you and your clients directly to help with every step along the way.


Manage all clients from one log-in

No more scattered management of clients. A single login account lets you and your agency team manage all your clients.


Support & Training

Expert advice and support that addresses the questions and concerns you and your clients have.


Webinars for brokers and their clients

Webinars for brokers and their clients. Set your team and clients up for success by inviting them to our webinars that demonstrate the value of GoCo's platform in everyday business.


Co-branded sales collateral

Win new business with marketing and sales collateral that will make your broker agency stand out from the competition.