HR Software for Consumer Goods & Services

Streamline employee onboarding, time-tracking, and hiring compliance so you can focus on happy customers and growing your business.

All-In-One HR that Grows with Your Business

From landscaping companies to restaurants and wholesale businesses, you all have one thing in common: a need for streamlined HR processes.

Instead of manually working through new hire paperwork, compliance documents, and benefits enrollment, with GoCo’s consolidated HRIS, you can focus on taking care of your talent, addressing customer needs, and selling your services.

Onboard and Retain New Employees

Onboarding top talent can be costly, but losing and replacing employees is even more expensive. GoCo’s modern employee onboarding platform is built with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind.

If you need to re-hire a temporary employee or an independent contractor, our HRIS makes it simple by allowing for re-activation of original files — all with the same capabilities and ease as the normal new hire process.

With GoCo, employees can digitally send and sign onboarding documents, contract agreements, and policies in minutes! They’re also always kept in the loop with access to self-service benefits and pay stub information.

Stay Compliant with Employment Laws

As a consumer goods/services provider, you have customers and team members to focus on. Constantly changing employment legislation is the last thing on your mind.

GoCo’s intelligent HR compliance solutions help HR Managers: Store & file employment eligibility documents Automate state & federal tax withholdings Keep up with the latest IRS regulations

Eliminate Time-Tracking & Payroll Complexities

From part-time to temporary employees or even contractors, managing payroll can quickly become a headache.

GoCo’s time-tracking system guarantees accurate work time calculations and ensures you pay employees accurately and on time. Specific job codes allow you to track time to specific labor groups and accurately manage budget and costs.

You can directly run payroll from GoCo or sync your cloud-based payroll provider to our HR platform!

Simplify Open Enrollment

GoCo makes it easy for your team to enroll in and manage all of your company benefits online.

Benefits are kept directly in sync with your payroll and insurance carriers, and changes are automatically calculated to eliminate risk of human error. From detailed reports to deductions, enjoy 100% digital benefits administration.

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