Top 11 Electronic Signature Software for HR in 2024

GoCo’s E-signature software for HR does so much more than just collect electronic signatures, from creating and collecting custom fields to auto-filling new hire information. Read more to learn how to evaluate electronic signature platforms for HR functions and compare features.

Why Does Your Small Business Need HR E-Signature Software?

Not all electronic signature software are created equal. With tons of e-signature capture solutions popping up on the market, how do you know which one is right for your business? For HR professionals, electronic signature and field capture are crucial for streamlining the onboarding and document management processes for employees. The ability to digitally sign documents, securely store collected information, customize employee documents, and update templates is important for the employee experience. From IP and confidentiality agreements to handbooks and offer letters, the amount of acknowledgements and signatures HR is expected to collect gets out of hand easily, so an HR-friendly E-signature software should be a “need” on your list.

We’ve compiled a list of top HR electronic signature tools you can consider for improving employee experience and compliance. From key features to customer reviews, you can compare and choose which software makes the most sense for your HR department. GoCo is the first choice with these aspects in mind, but check out our full list below:

11 Best E-Signature Software for HR

Best Software

  • GoCo
  • SignEasy
  • PandaDoc
  • HelloSign
  • signNow
  • SignRequest
  • Adobe Sign
  • GetAccept
  • CocoSign
  • DocuSign
  • eversign

1. GoCo

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G2 Rating: 4.7 (222)

GoCo’s innovative MagicDocs technology changes the way HR manages and tracks E-signatures and documents. The ability to “magictize” every document means HR pros can easily insert and collect signatures and custom form fields, and report on them. In addition to transforming documents into fillable, signable, and reportable forms, you can manage ALL of your HR functions within the same platform. So instead of using a standalone e-signature management software and integrating or merging information into your HR tools, everything is already baked into the GoCo platform. Collecting signatures for offer letters and benefits enrollment? You can do so in GoCo and kickstart the onboarding process without needing other 3rd party tools. These features, paired with a suite of modern HR tools from embedded payroll to automated workflows, help streamline every of the employee experience.

GoCo’s HR Electronic Signature Features:

  • Create and collect custom fields (from digital documents to personal info)
  • Easily collect electronic signatures
  • Preview custom documents using “magic” templates
  • Manage and track info from IP, confidentiality, handbooks, and parking agreements
  • Send secure links to new hires for signature capture
  • Automatically populate stored data on all future relevant HR documents in the platform
  • View all documents at-a-glance in GoCo’s HRIS
  • Send documents to multiple people and designate the specified order in which it should be signed
  • Create custom templates for offer letters, contractor agreements, and more to fit your business
  • Customize the type of document response required, from signatures to acknowledgements to yes/no responses
  • Streamline employee onboarding signature collection for W-4s, I-9s, tax withholding forms, drug testing records, payroll recrods, handbooks, and FMLA records

With GoCo, HR teams save hours on manual form & signature collection without compromising other HR needs. The ability to consolidate document management, digital onboarding, payroll set-up, compliance, and benefits administration in one system means you don’t have to change the way you work.

If you’re ready to streamline your E-signature collection with a true All-in-One HR experience, schedule a demo to see why GoCo wins.

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2. SignEasy

SignEasy is a good alternative if you are wanting an eSign point-solution for getting documents signed across different stages of the employment cycle. With strong security features, paperless processes, and compliance support, SignEasy can help HR professionals save time and keep document workflows simple.

SignEasy’s HR Electronic Signature Features:

  • Sign and send documents digitally
  • Send documents to multiple people for signature
  • Track progress of a document
  • Send reminders for signatures
  • Receive emails and push notifications when the signer completes the document

Pricing: The lowest Business Plan costs $25 per user per month, and starts at 3 users. This includes all Pro features, including templates, custom fields, and select integrations. For Enterprise teams, a custom quote request is required.

Though SignEasy is a solid standalone option for electronic signature capture, some users report difficulty assigning multiple fields to different people in the same document, and that the product doesn’t always integrate smoothly with other software options.

With that being said, SignEasy is still a strong option for E-signatures without the all-in-one HR experience.

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3. PandaDoc

Coming in bronze is PandaDoc. Similar to SignEasy, PandaDoc is a well known point-solution for document management and E-signatures, without additional HR features. The system helps users improve the speed and security of online document collection and signature storage.

PandaDoc’s HR Electronic Signature Features:

  • Sign documents wherever you are
  • Track important documents on your phone
  • Securely and compliantly collect data
  • Get updates on when your document is opened, viewed, or commented on
  • Create custom documents in the template library

Pricing: For E-Signatures only, PandaDoc offers a free plan for users, but most businesses will need the Essentials tier or above at $19 per user per month, which includes templates, media editor, and analytics. They also offer Business plan pricing at $49 and custom Enterprise quotes.

On the flip side, users report that the pricing becomes difficult to justify for a document point-solution, especially as a business scales. This is important to note because most HR managers will need document and template functionality in addition to E-Signature capture to make their jobs easier.

Still, the system is an affordable choice for E-Signature and document management.Even so, the software is a helpful tool for applicant tracking, recruitment and offer management.

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4. HelloSign

If you’re looking specifically for an E-Signature API, HelloSign (a Dropbox Company) may be a good option to consider. The solution helps streamline sending, printing, signing, and scanning of HR documents, and supports faster development time.

HelloSign's HR Electronic Signature Features:

  • Capture digital signatures and other fields
  • Embed customized online signing flows
  • Control access with team management and permissions
  • Receive an audit trail to each signature request
  • Send resuable and customizable document templates

Pricing: The Essentials plan starts at $15 per user per month, but is limited to one user who can send out documents for electronic signature. If you have a multi-person HR department, you’ll need a Standard plan ($25 per user per month) or a Premium plan (custom quoted) to save time.

On the flip side, users report that lack of flexibility and bugs within the product can take away from the experience.

If you’re looking for an open API to send digital forms, consider HelloSign.

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5. signNow

With a heavier emphasis on business process automation and document management, signNow by airSlate proves to be a strong contender in the E-Signature space as well. HR managers can collect data and multiple E-Signatures from job applicants, and store signed documents in the cloud for retrieval at any time.

signNow’s HR Electronic Signature Features:

  • Collect digital signatures
  • Set a custom signing order
  • Secure sensitive data with two-factor authentication
  • Process employee documents in groups
  • Create reusable templates for HR forms

Pricing: signNow starts at $8 per user per month, which includes functionality for document sending and signing, as well as accessible templates. There are additional tiers at $15 per user per month, $30 per user per month, or custom pricing for enterprise teams.

Customer service appears to be the biggest pain point for users, and others claim the tool is not as polished as other signature products in the market.

Even so, the tool is a relatively affordable option if you’re only looking for e-signature and document workflow management.

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6. SignRequest

For a secure, no-frills signature point-solution, SignRequest is a good candidate for your tech stack. Known for boosting efficiency and facilitating team growth, SignRequest can help teams save time and resources with digital signatures.

SignRequest’s HR Electronic Signature Features:

  • Prepare and sign documents digitally
  • Manage, track, and store all SignRequests in a document library
  • Customize teams by adding name, branding, and signer landing pages
  • Integrate with popular online tools like Slack and Google Apps

Pricing: One of the more affordable options, SignRequest’s base Professional plan starts at $9 per user per month, but is limited to one user for document management and E-Signature functionality. The next tier is Business, at $15 per month, but is also limited to one user, with expanded document features and unlimited templates. Enterprise teams can request a custom quote.

The biggest downside to utilizing SignRequest is the quality of support. Users report difficulty reaching customer service representatives if billing or technical issues arise.

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7. Adobe Sign

A well-known document tool, Adobe Sign can be a powerful tool for fluid E-Signatures and paperless document workflows. The tool promotes increased collaboration and productivity for businesses by merging PDF documents and collecting data within these documents.

Adobe Sign's HR Electronic Signature Features:

  • Collect and securely store signatures
  • Create and collaborate on PDF documents
  • Connect with Adobe Document Cloud mobile apps
  • Customize documents for a branded experience
  • Protect and secure personal data

Pricing: The Basic Acrobat PDF Pack with e-sign starts at $9.99 per month per user for signing and collecting signatures, tracking and sending reminders, as well as desktop signing. The next two tiers come at $14.99 per month per user and $27.99 per month per user, with added functionality with Acrobat Pro DC and advanced e-Sign.

All in all, the platform offers strong E-Signature and specifically PDF management capabilities.

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8. GetAccept

GetAccept differs from other electronic signature platforms in that it is actually a Sales Engagement platform for remote selling. It does, however, offer standalone E-Signature capture and storing capabilities, which may be of interest to HR teams.

GetAccept’s HR Electronic Signature Features:

  • Tamper-proof signature collection and document management
  • Select multiple signers and designate signing order
  • Add security layers with authentication requests
  • Upload ID verification

Pricing: GetAccept starts free for basic E-Signature functionality, and increases to $15 per month per user and $49 per month per user for expanded E-Signature functionality.

Because this is a sales engagement platform, the downside is that not all of the features are geared towards HR specifically -- which may or may not affect your experience. Some of the features may not be useful and others might be.

Similar to other point-solutions, there are limitations when it comes to incorporating this seamless into your onboarding flow. The software is however intuitive to use and gets the job done when it comes to securely collecting E-Signatures.

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9. CocoSign

If you’re looking for an easy, quick, and secure way to sign documents, CocoSign is a good contender. CocoSign’s E-Signature services make it easy to send documents for signatures, sign documents yourself, and sign face-to-face on a tablet or cell phone.

CocoSign’s HR Electronic Signature Features:

  • Securely and reliably collect E-Signatures
  • Get signs from multiple people on a document
  • Track the status of your document in real-time
  • Store documents in the cloud
  • Send or receive documents anywhere in the world

Pricing: Single user options range from $0-$8, but the most popular plan is $15 per user per month, for up to 20 users. The business tier is $25 per user per month, for up to 50 users. Advanced and enterprise quotes can be requested online.

At present, CocoSign has limited integrations, which may be difficult if you are trying to streamline all of your HR processes.t the platform is outdated and overly simplistic. Regardless, the platform is an affordable candidate for sending digital offers.

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10. DocuSign

Perhaps one of the most well-known solutions out there, DocuSign Agreement Cloud is a popular E-Signature solution. Known to help HR connect, automate, and accelerate employee agreement processes, this could be a solid standalone solution for your business.

DocuSign’s HR Electronic Signature Features:

  • Send and capture signatures for employee agreements
  • Choose from a variety of methods to identify signers
  • Sign from almost anywhere
  • Secure and compliant data
  • Route documents to multiple users in serial, parallel, and mixed sequencing
  • Review key analytics to reinforce HR value

Pricing: E-Signature plans start at $10 per month for a personal account, but most businesses will need a Standard or Business Pro plan at the very least, coming in at $25 or $40 per user, per month.

Most user complaints are about slow or inadequate customer support, which can be frustrating especially in regards to high-value documents like HR documents.

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11. eversign

Finally, we have eversign, a solution for securely approving, delivering and signing documents online. Though not specific to HR, users can automate documents and E-Signatures with a high level of security. This specific solution prides itself in it’s legally binding signatures and business agreements.

eversign’s HR Electronic Signature Features:

  • Remotely sign documents
  • Parallel & sequential signing
  • Type, draw, or upload your signature
  • Meet stringent security requirements around the world

Pricing: Eversign offers a free trial for 5 documents per month, and tiered pricing at $9.99, $39.99 and $79.99 per month, depending on team members. Custom quotes can be requested for enterprise teams. Most user complaints are about slow or inadequate customer support, which can be frustrating especially in regards to high-value documents like HR documents.

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Choosing the Best E-Signature Software for Your HR Department

As a small business, you can’t afford to make costly mistakes around form completion or break compliance legislation with onboarding documents. With hundreds of forms around payroll, benefits administration, onboarding, and employee performance, you’ll want to look into all-in-one HR software to manage E-Signatures. Some common pitfalls we tend to see within SMBs are:

  • Relying on paper-only systems to track employee forms and signatures
  • Putting acknowledgements and data at risk without proper security
  • Difficulty editing employee documents, PDFs, and more
  • Difficulty tracking which employees signed documents
  • Incomplete records caused by lack of automation or consolidation
  • Compliance
  • Auto-filling limitations

In order for employees to feel empowered and for you to be able to choose how to run your department, secure and streamlined electronic signature software can make a huge difference. A strong HRIS or signature management platform should be easily accessible via web and include features for sending & signing documents, collecting and auto-filling employee data, customizing templates, and syncing with your other HR tools. In addition, the platform should make it easy to make updates to existing policies, share and collaborate with relevant team members, and provide guidance around legislation

Small businesses also thrive on usability, so your signature tracking system shouldn’t feel like another thing you need to integrate. That’s why many SMBs like to choose software options that cover all HR needs in one spot. So, instead of a standalone electronic signature tool or a singular document filing tool, it may make the most sense to implement an all-in-one HRIS that provides all of the benefits where data can flow in and out freely.

Software that offers point-solutions and lacks third-party integrations is becoming less and less user-friendly as HR becomes more and more busy. A consolidated system that offers smart signature collection, onboarding services, payroll set-up, benefits administration, and workflows all together is becoming more popular.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a HR Signature Management Platform

To make the ultimate decision on which platform fits your situation, make sure to keep these in mind:

  • The number of employees in your organization (A large majority of E-Signature services charge by employee #)
  • All of the services you are looking for (E-signature/document management, single log-in, benefits administration, onboarding workflows, compliance support, etc.)
  • Your monthly or yearly budget (Consider your HR budget if you're looking to move to an all-in-one experience)
  • E-signature features you'll need like secure collection, auto-fill, multi-step signing, etc.
  • Types of integrations you would like
  • Add-ons to streamline your entire HR workflows

Having these in mind will help guide your research process, and help you identify qualifying software options. HR software like GoCo provides a modern, all-in-one HR platform with not only sophisticated E-Signature tools, but also unique solutions for digital onboarding, workflow management, payroll runs, and updated compliance tasks that likely fall on your plate as well. For the ultimate stress-free electronic signing experience, we recommend taking the all-in-one HR route and making GoCo a multi-purpose digital tool for your organization.

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