The ROI of HR Tech

Much of HR professionals’ time is spent on tedious day-to-day tasks and processes when they have so much more to offer to their organizations.

The good news is that many tasks can be automated using HR software, giving you more time to position yourself as a strategic partner in your organization and focus on what really matters – your people.

Beyond everyday tasks, HR software can save time and money in other ways by providing an enhanced employee experience, reducing turnover, and boosting engagement.

Figuring out just how much time and money HR software can save you can be overwhelming. To help you out, we put together this guide to give you an idea of how much HR software can help you save.

Before we start calculating your own savings, let’s first take a look at an example.

See Example

Jo is the sole HR manager at a small business.

Every week, Jo spends approximately:


on administrative tasks


on paper-based payroll and time tracking


on onboarding new employees

Her salary is


She onboards approximately

10 new hires

per year

Her company has

45 employees

Based on this information, switching to a modern HR software platform will save Jo and her company:


5 hours per week
on administrative tasks


9 hours per week
on payroll and time tracking


1 hour per week
on onboarding

That’s a total savings of $576.60 per week, or $29,983 per year! ✨

Calculate What You Can Save with HR Tech

Ready to see just how much time and money HR software can save you? Let’s find out!

Company size


Number of HR employees


Average HR salary

Per year

Approx number of new hires each year

New hires

Time spent by each HR employee each week on admin tasks


Time spent by each HR employee each week on payroll/time tracking tasks


Total Savings per Year


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Beyond the immediate gains in efficiency, HR software also contributes to an enriched employee experience by curbing turnover rates and fostering higher engagement levels.

An investment in HR software is an opportunity for HR professionals to reclaim their time from mundane administrative tasks and redirect it towards strategic initiatives that truly matter – the well-being and development of their people.

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