HR Software for SaaS Companies

Easily facilitate remote onboarding, offer self-service benefits, and retain top talent so you can focus on scaling your SaaS business.

HR Software that Grows with Your Business

GoCo’s all-in-one HRIS is designed to scale with your growing business. Our employee management platform has everything SaaS teams need to run HR, benefits, payroll, and time-tracking.

Save Time & Money with All-in-One HR

SaaS businesses often run on limited budgets, especially in the startup phase. GoCo’s employee management platform eliminates the need for separate hiring, benefits, and payroll software. Our all-in-one platform features:

  • Client Product Demos
  • Simple and intuitive benefits administration
  • Bring your own payroll, or try our embedded option

Simplify Remote Work

SaaS solutions are supporting an increasingly distributed remote workforce across the globe. GoCo is here to set your team up for success with fully digital document signing, time-tracking, self-service benefits, and simplified compliance measures at the click of a button. New team members are guaranteed a great first day wherever they are!

Protect Your HR Data & Stay Compliant

Tech companies face heightened data security threats, and GoCo is here to protect your HR data. Our modern HRIS is built on a secure infrastructure, including:

  • SOC 2 Certification - Type 1 & 2
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • ISO 27001 and FISMA Certified Data Centers
  • HIPAA Compliance

Onboard & Empower New Hires

The market for top SaaS talent is competitive, and you never get a second chance at a first impression. Our HR management platform makes employee onboarding easy and delightful for your new-hires.

  • Send a digital offer letter with a built-in benefits preview tool
  • Provide employees with self-service tools for benefits, PTO, pay stubs, and more.

Minimize Costly Errors with Modern Time-Tracking

Time-tracking can be a daunting task without a large HR team or budget. GoCo guarantees maximum accuracy so you can pay employees accurately and on time.

  • State and federal overtime rules are automatically calculated
  • Timesheets can be reviewed and approved with a click
  • Centralize attendance management
  • Track time to specific Labor Groups for the company to keep track of costs

How We’ve Helped Other HR Pros in SaaS

Modern HR for SaaS Solutions

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Collaboration & Project Management

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… and many more!

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