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3 Ways to Level Up Your Performance Management

GoCo's 3 in 30 Deminar Series gives pros like you insight into how HR tech can change how they track, manage, organize, and execute day-to-day tasks by highlighting 3 GoCo feature benefits in 30 minutes or less.

Jul 26 · Wednesday


Let's face it – traditional performance reviews can be a real pain. They're time-consuming and often biased, leading to managers not knowing where to start and employees not taking the process seriously. In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving workplace, traditional performance management methods fall short of capturing the true potential of your employees. 

But with today’s technological resources, you can transform your performance review period into something flexible and tailored to fit your organization's needs (and not the other way around).

Join us for “3 Ways to Level Up Your Performance Management,” a deminar that aims to equip you with the knowledge and tech tools (like GoCo) you need to take your performance management to new heights while fostering a more engaging and productive work environment.

In 30 minutes or less, listen in as GoCo Marketing Director Ashley Widener and Account Executive Amanda McAlister share three ways for you to level up your performance management processes with GoCo’s modern tech stack that ultimately leads to: 

  1. Flexible Review Creation in GoCo: Say goodbye to old-fashioned templates! 👋 Learn how customizing your performance reviews to match your unique needs and processes can ultimately get your employees excited and invested in your performance review process. Ask open-ended questions, use opinion scales, schedule automatic starts, and make it truly yours. 

  2. Holistic Views of the Employee Journey with GoCo: Have you ever felt like annual or bi-annual reviews just don't cut it? We hear you! 😉 Having a bird's-eye view of each employee’s entire experience, from onboarding to termination, allows you to have all performance reviews, employment changes, 1-on-1s, and manager notes in one timeline.

  3. Insights & Reporting thanks to GoCo: It's not enough to capture feedback; you need to make sense of it all! 📊 By running performance reviews in tech like GoCo, you get easy reporting that helps you analyze review questions while considering factors like department or job title. It's like having a crystal ball to guide your data-driven decisions.

It’s time to take a look at your own internal process during this performance review period.

If you are unable to attend the session live, we will still send you a recording.

Ashley Widener

Ashley Widener

Director of Marketing

Amanda McAlister

Amanda McAlister

Account Executive

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