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3 Ways Modern Time Tracking Maximizes Efficiency

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Jun 28 · Wednesday


Are you tired of the hassle, hiccups, and hesitation that come with manual time-tracking methods? Accurate timekeeping is crucial for both a business and its employees, which is why relying on such outdated ways of time tracking is only going to cost your business time…not save it. 

Investing in modern time tracking for your company goes far beyond just streamlining your clock-in & -out processes. It also maximizes efficiency by helping you improve accuracy, ensure compliance, and — of course — save time. 

Join us for “3 Ways Modern Time Tracking Maximizes Efficiency” to unveil the secrets behind how leveraging technology helps you reclaim control over your precious time. Get ready to say goodbye to punch cards and spreadsheets and say hello to precision, reliability, and effortless record-keeping.

In 30 minutes or less, listen in as GoCo Marketing Director Ashley Widener and Account Executive Steven Ha share three ways for you to maximize efficiency with GoCo’s modern time tracking that ultimately leads to: 

  1. Accurate Time Recording: Time is money 💸 Capture accurate time data by customizing flexible time entry settings, leveraging geofencing, and creating project codes. 

  2. Compliance & Regulation Management: Whether your employees are all in the same state or spread out across the country, following specific state regulations is key ✍️ Stay compliant with labor laws thanks to built-in state and federal overtime rules, helping you avoid potential legal issues. 

  3. Insights & Reporting: Reports are only useful when they’re accurate 📊 Use built-in reports to save time transferring time data and find trends in your team’s hours.

You shouldn’t be against the clock…time tracking is a quick and easy way to take control of your work hours. 

If you are unable to attend the session live, we will still send you a recording.

Ashley Widener

Ashley Widener

Director of Marketing

Will Morse

Will Morse

Account Executive

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