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3 Strategies to Navigate Your 2024 HR Journey Successfully

In the world of HR, staying ahead is not just a goal — it's a necessity.

Feb 13 · Tuesday


The challenges and opportunities awaiting HR professionals in 2024 are as diverse and dynamic as the landscape itself. From regulatory shifts demanding a nuanced understanding of compliance intricacies to technological advancements reshaping the very fabric of workplace dynamics, it’s more important now than ever to elevate your understanding, refine your strategies, and navigate the future of HR with confidence and foresight.

Join GoCo for “3 Ways to Navigate Your 2024 HR Journey Successfully,” on Tuesday, February 13 at 12:00 pm CT, led by Lori Kleiman, where she’ll explore key strategies and insights to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the intricate terrain of HR in the upcoming year.

Topics include:

  1. Staying Ahead of Compliance and Labor Regulations: Explore strategies for maintaining compliance through regular audits and policy updates, emphasizing the dynamic nature of labor laws and compliance requirements. Dive into anticipated changes in labor laws and regulations for 2024, gaining insights into upcoming trends that will shape the HR landscape.
  2. Evaluating and Implementing HR Tech Solutions: Discover the latest trends in HR technology, discussing strategies for selecting the right solutions tailored to specific organizational needs, and understanding the transformative role of technology in enhancing efficiency.
  3. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Unlock the power of HR analytics and data to inform strategic decisions, discussing benefits for talent acquisition, performance management, and employee development, while providing practical tips for enhancing data literacy.

Don't miss this opportunity to join industry experts as they provide deep insights and actionable strategies for navigating the multifaceted landscape of HR excellence in 2024. Elevate your HR practices and stay ahead of the curve by participating in this illuminating webinar.

This session is eligible for 1 hour of SHRM/HRCI recertification credit. The credit code will be sent to registrants who attended the session live and were present during the session for the full amount of time required by SHRM or other certification vendors. If you are unable to attend the session live, we will still send you a recording of the session. By you registering for this webinar, you opt-in for GoCo and our speaker to contact you with emails, offers, and other correspondence post-webinar.

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