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3 Ways to Save Time with Digital Document Management

GoCo's 3 in 30 Webinar Series gives pros like you insight on how HR tech can change the way they track, manage, organize, and execute day-to-day tasks by highlighting 3 GoCo feature benefits in 30 minutes or less.

May 23 · Tuesday


Do you ever feel like you’re playing hide and seek when it comes to finding important documents, offer letters, spreadsheets, and files either at your desk or on your desktop? 

HR professionals have to manage all of these items, and it's usually in the form of documents, either physical or digital. On the flip side…it’s time consuming to look for, manage, and track those same documents.

That’s why embracing digital document management is an easy and efficient way to save you time by streamlining your HR processes. All HR documents can be easily created, organized, and accessed in a central location, making it simple to quickly find and retrieve crucial information. 

And lucky for you, accomplishing this level of time-saving organization is an easy task. In 30 minutes or less, listen in o as GoCo Marketing Director Ashley Widener and Account Executive Steven Ha share 3 ways for you to save time (and increase sanity) with digital documents management using:

  1. AI-Powered Doc Creator: Don’t just stare at a blank page — get started quickly with GoCo’s AI document creator. 

  2. Electronic Signatures: Sign and share documents securely without the need for physical signatures, emailing back and forth, or paper-based documents. 

  3. Customizable Document Folders: Organize documents in a way that makes sense to you and your team. Making it easy for you — and all other parties — to know where your key files are right away. 

Getting rid of the stress around document mess is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with GoCo. 

Ashley Widener

Ashley Widener

Director of Marketing

Steven Ha

Steven Ha

Account Executive

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