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5 Common HR Pain Points and How an HRIS Can Solve Them

Five common challenges associated with manual HR processes and how implementing an HRIS can solve them.

February 22nd, 2024


For many organizations, manual human resources (HR) processes can become major bottlenecks. HR professionals often find themselves burdened with tedious administrative tasks, struggling with disorganized data management, facing compliance risks, dealing with inefficient recruitment and onboarding, and lacking effective performance management processes. These challenges not only hinder HR efficiency but also impact overall organizational performance. 

Thankfully, there is a solution: implementing a robust HRIS (Human Resources Information System) can alleviate these common pains and transform HR operations for the better. Let’s examine five common challenges associated with manual HR processes and how implementing an HRIS can solve them.

1. Tedious administrative tasks

Imagine spending your days buried in paperwork, manually entering data, and filing endless employee records. Sounds thrilling, right? Unfortunately, that's the reality for many HR professionals, leading to wasted time, mountains of frustration, and – worst of all – inaccurate data.

By implementing an HRIS, many tasks can be automated and streamlined – from payroll and benefits to time tracking and recordkeeping – often with employee self-service options. Automated workflows handle approvals, requests, and even onboarding and offboarding. Plus, you get real-time data and insights to make informed decisions faster.

In addition to the time savings, an HRIS allows for fewer errors, quicker access to info, and compliance support, which allows more time for strategic HR work.

2. Disorganized data management

Storing employee information in physical files, scattered spreadsheets, or across multiple applications makes it difficult to retrieve data quickly and accurately. This disorganized data nightmare plagues many departments, leading to wasted time, inaccurate records, and limited insights.

Finding lost data can take hours, and manual entry breeds errors, affecting everything from payroll to compliance. Even worse, scattered data hides valuable trends, hindering strategic decision-making on talent and retention.

Implementing an HRIS automates manual workflows, leaving behind the error-prone days of manual data entry. Additionally, having a single centralized system:

  • Ensures data accuracy and consistency

  • Allows for data and trend tracking on initiatives like employee engagement

  • Transforms raw data into powerful insights

With organized, insightful data, your clients are empowered to make informed decisions on talent, retention, and other strategic initiatives.

3. Compliance and regulatory risks

As a benefits broker, you know your clients face complex compliance challenges. Navigating ever-shifting regulations, managing paperwork, and generating accurate reports can be constant headaches for HR. These manual processes increase the risk of non-compliance penalties and hinder strategic HR initiatives.

By implementing an HRIS, HR teams can stop fretting about compliance changes and instead:

  • Automate alerts and reminders about regulatory changes, preventing missed deadlines

  • Ensure audit-ready records

  • Generate accurate reports

Don't let compliance woes bog down your clients. An HRIS system acts as their trusted partner, automating cumbersome tasks and ensuring seamless adherence to regulations.

4. Complicated recruitment and onboarding

Manual recruitment and onboarding are notorious inefficient time sinks. HR professionals are often juggling job postings, sifting through resumes, scheduling interviews, and managing background checks, all while trying to orchestrate a seamless onboarding experience for new hires. This can lead to frustrating delays and a less-than-ideal welcome for new team members.

HRIS platforms are equipped with a suite of tools designed to revolutionize recruitment and onboarding processes, such as:

  • Applicant tracking system

  • interview scheduling

  • Pre-built onboarding workflows

  • Employee self-service benefits enrollment

By automating these tasks and centralizing information, organizations can attract top talent faster, expedite the hiring process, and most importantly, leave a positive first impression on new employees, which boosts engagement and retention.

5. Ineffective performance management

HR professionals often deal with the weight of a cumbersome (or non-existent) performance management system. Unclear goals, infrequent feedback, and mountains of paperwork bog down the process, leading to subjectivity, dissatisfaction, missed opportunities, and higher turnover.

An HRIS can bring clarity to the performance management process with features such as:

  • Automated goal setting and tracking for individual and team goals and data, making it easier to set, track, and measure progress.

  • Templatized performance reviews, allowing managers and employees to access pre-filled forms, feedback templates, and historical performance data.

  • Ongoing feedback through features like pulse surveys, peer reviews, and one-on-one discussion prompts.

An HRIS can be used as a powerful tool to streamline and improve these aspects of the performance management process, leading to better employee engagement and growth.

How to solve HR pain points with an HRIS

The challenges associated with manual HR processes can significantly impact an organization's efficiency and effectiveness. However, by implementing an HRIS, organizations can overcome these common pains and unlock a wide range of benefits.

With the benefits of an HRIS, HR professionals can focus on strategic initiatives, improve productivity, and contribute to the overall success of the organization. Embracing the power of HRIS is a transformative step towards efficient and effective HR management. 

At GoCo, we are revolutionizing the benefits landscape through purpose-built features in an all-in-one HRIS. By integrating HR and benefits into a single self-service interface, we provide employees with the technology they desire while eliminating tedious manual processes from HR's to-do list. Want to learn more? Partner with GoCo today!

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