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Does Remote Working Really Work?

Many corporations see the benefits of remote work. The question is: does remote working really work?

How HR Can Think Like a Marketer: Part 1 – Recruitment

Exploring marketing practices that can be applied to recruitment.

HR's Guide to Employee Document Retention [+Checklist]

Employee document retention is critical to your organization's processes and compliance.

The HR Introvert’s Guide to Selling Your Vision

The approach to selling a people strategy differs greatly depending on how introverted you are.

5 Reasons Why Employee Monitoring Is a Bad Idea

Why employee monitoring software gets remote work all wrong and actually exacerbates the problem it's trying to solve.

How to Write An Employee Performance Review [2023 Best Practices]

The performance management cycle doesn't have to be complicated. This guide helps you navigate performance reviews!

Should Employers Value Education Over Experience?

Today, only 41% of US job openings require a bachelor's degree, down from 46% in 2019.

16 Great Productivity Hacks For Working From Home

How HR & employees can stay productive through WFH

21 Statistics on Working From Home & the Future of Remote Work

Here are 21 statistics about remote work. Read this to get data-backed answers to your most pressing questions about working from home!

9 Ways to Keep Women From Leaving Your Workforce

Tips for HR pros on Addressing the Workplace Crisis

Understanding and Addressing HR Challenges in Real Estate

A look at three common HR roadblocks in real estate and how they can be overcome

Creating a 90-Day Onboarding Plan For New Hires

Ensure New Employees Have Clarity in Their Roles and Feel Like Part of the Team.

The Complete Employee Offboarding Checklist [+ Free Download]

Simplify your employee's exit process with these easy-to-follow offboarding steps.

Integrate with Your Tech Stack to Streamline & Save Time During Onboarding

Learn how even the simplest automations can save you time during onboarding.

Incorporating eNPS into Your Employee Engagement Strategy

Using eNPS (Net Promoter Score) to improve employee strategy, retention, and loyalty

3 Things HR Should Know About Collective Bargaining

Everything HR professionals need to understand about the basics of collective bargaining

Delight Your New Hires with Our Latest Onboarding Enhancements

Add emojis and videos to your onboarding experience and text invites to your new hires!

GoCo Acquires Employee Experience Platform WFHomie!

We’re welcoming WFHomie into the GoCo family as part of our mission to empower HR pros with flexible HR solutions

Introducing GoCo Templates: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Explore a curated library of templates to get the most out of your Workflows, Reports, & Performance Reviews.

The Importance of Streamlining Your HR Checklist

Still using spreadsheets and paper-based HR processes? Now is the time to take the leap.

How HR Can Encourage a Healthy WFH Lifestyle

Supporting and encouraging a healthy employee lifestyle