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5 Companies That Use Their Culture For Recruitment

How some major players use their culture to find new talent!

Nikhil Bendre

by Nikhil Bendre - July 28th, 2022


In the workforce’s current era, positive company culture is a priority for candidates in the job market. Different industries have different reputations as far as their respective cultures are concerned, and this makes a significant impact on who they attract! Let’s look at some companies that use this to their advantage, placing their culture at the forefront of their recruiting strategies.


We can’t talk about company culture without discussing this tech giant. The tech industry as a whole has a reputation for sporting a more casual and fun culture, encouraging fresher takes and moving away from previously standard rigid, “corporate” atmosphere. Not to mention the insane perks employees get to enjoy, such as offices stocked with almost any type of food you could think of, gourmet coffee, and mid-day activities, all free of charge for Googlers! 

Another thing about Google, and essentially tech as a whole, is the amount of user-generated content out there revolving around the industry. TikTok videos of tech employees showing a day in the life working at their company have blown up, resulting in a huge influx of job applicants wanting to get their foot in the door.


Adobe takes an interesting approach when it comes to company culture. They realize that every individual team/department will develop their own inner dynamics, so they allow those departments to set their own culture values on a more granular level, as opposed to the same ones applying across the entire company. This allows each department to set cultural objectives that emphasize their unique strengths and day-to-day dynamics and celebrates the differences between teams and personality types!


Microsoft actually implements their company culture into the hiring process! Being a huge tech company, they obviously assess candidates for their hard skills, but they place equal value on whether or not an applicant will be a solid cultural fit. It’s extremely refreshing to hear of such a large company doing this, as someone’s ability to assimilate into a company’s culture is hugely impactful on their performance and even the performance of their team members. It’s important to follow Microsoft’s lead and realize that honestly, most of the hard skills are a dime a dozen. However, it’s those soft skills that really set star candidates apart.


Chegg is an organization with glowing reviews from the employees. With positive accounts pertaining to their leadership, transparency, generous PTO, and quite relevantly, their back-to-work plan with the pandemic, it’s no wonder that Chegg is a frontrunner for so many job seekers! This organization realizes that their strongest and most important asset is their people, and they leverage that as a recruitment tool knowing that employees should rightfully be valued and appreciated with every passing day!


How could we miss this opportunity to talk about our own company culture? Here at GoCo, we truly believe that our more relaxed, fun, friendly, and team-oriented culture is one of our biggest contributors to our success. Our team shares successes, just as they do failures. We celebrate together, and when things don’t go as planned, we’re always there to pick each other up again. We understand that it takes a village to reach the huge goals we have in place, and by nurturing that village, we can get further than we ever imagined! Similarly to Amazon, we take whether or not someone would be a culture fit very seriously in our hiring process. With no room for ego, we’re focused on building an organization of team-players, go-getters, and people with an itch to grow and learn something new every day!

The times have changed. The balance is shifting from “what can you do for your company”” to “what can your company do for you?” When considering different companies as an applicant, be sure to find out about their cultures and determine if you could honestly see yourself thriving in those environments. The plus is that organizations are realizing the importance of fostering positive cultures, so pay close attention to that during the recruitment and hiring processes!

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