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Introducing the new GoCo Integration with JazzHR

A seamless hire-to-onboard experience, now available on GoCo!

September 1st, 2019


We are GoCoNuts to announce our brand new Applicant Tracking Integration!

A user-friendly, affordable, and award-winning Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that since 2009 has helped thousands of companies fill more than 500,000 positions. 

What are the benefits of this integration?

While GoCo automates and simplifies your HR workflow, starting from the onboarding process by streamlining PTO, benefits administration, and more, JazzHR helps companies automate their recruiting process so they can save time, choose the best people, and cut costs.  

With this integration, you can now sync the candidate’s data and documents from JazzHR directly into GoCo, for a seamless hire-to-onboard experience.

In simple words, we have combined best-of-class ATS and HRMS in one place just for you!

Transferring Data from JazzHR to GoCo

Once you have integrated both platforms, you can push any candidate profile from JazzHR to GoCo to begin boarding them. 

Click the drop-down and select ‘Export Candidate,’ select ‘GoCo,’ and export. 

Go back to your GoCo company page and refresh the browser. Go to your team page and your candidate, along with all their documents stored in JazzHR, should be successfully synced in GoCo.  

And that’s it! Your applicant is now part of your team and you can start onboarding them.

Getting Started

Ready to hire a candidate from JazzHR? GoCoNuts can save 20% on JazzHR when you sign up here.

Happy hiring!

♥ The GoCo Team