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How to Write Job Postings That Get Great Candidates in 2024 [+Template]

More than just a nice-to-do, but a critical first impression and touch-point with your organization

Nick Schurk

by Nick Schurk - January 3rd, 2024


The job market has changed dramatically, and companies are finding it increasingly difficult to attract top talent, with many continuing to be affected by talent shortages. While overall resignation rates have slowed in the face of economic slowdown and layoffs in some sectors, many employees are disengaged and considering leaving their current jobs due to toxicity, lack of learning and development, or mental health reasons.

That's why job postings are so essential. These are often the first point of contact between a company and the potential employee, and it's vital to create an engaging one that stands out from the competition. A well-written job posting can make all the difference in attracting the right candidates. In this blog post, we will discuss five tips for creating an engaging job posting that attracts top talent.

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Five Best Practices for Attracting Top Talent

1. Communicate the Company Mission, Values, and Vision

Gone are the days of boring job descriptions that read like a laundry list of responsibilities. Job seekers (especially Zoomers) want to know more than just what the work entails; they want to understand the company's work environment, values, and mission.

Who is your company? What's your mission and vision? How do you help others with your products and services? These details can truly differentiate two relatively similar-sounding roles at different companies, and many candidates will be interested to know this.

Companies are getting creative with their job postings, incorporating more multimedia elements to catch the eye of potential applicants. With the ability to add text, videos, photos, and links, job postings are becoming a fun and interactive way for companies to showcase their culture and attract top talent.

For example, you could add a "Why We Love to Work Here" section to your job postings, featuring a video of employees sharing their thoughts and experiences. Furthermore, companies can link to their social media pages and website to give an in-depth picture of their culture and organization.

2. Optimize the Length and Format of the Post

When it comes to attracting great candidates, the length and format of your job posts can make all the difference. While there's no rule set in stone about how long a job posting should be concise, visually appealing, and easy to read. 500-1,000 words strike a good balance between being thorough without being too overwhelming.

Be bold and get creative with the format! For instance, you might use a thirty-second video message from your CEO to convey your company's mission and vision. And while you're at it, showing off some pictures of your attractive office and its perks can be worth more than a thousand words.

Don't be afraid to think outside the box – your candidates will appreciate the extra effort!

3. Analyze Existing Job Descriptions for Accuracy

Analyzing existing job descriptions for accuracy is another vital step. You should regularly review and update job descriptions to ensure that they accurately reflect the job's duties and responsibilities.

Many job descriptions are vague, generic, and boilerplate explanations of the role. It's simple to revive them with insights from the team! Dig deeper and discover what tasks take up the most time and how success is measured in that role - you get the drill.

Clearly outlining certain specific details for prospective employees brings clarity to their decision-making process. If you want potential candidates to get excited about their future at your company, make sure you help them envision themselves taking on the role!

4. Advertise the Culture of the Organization

Imagine working for a company that values your skills and expertise and fosters a fun and inclusive environment. That's the kind of workplace we're all searching for, right? So, why not make your job posting stand out by highlighting your company's stellar culture?

Countless companies are hiring engineers, accountants, or analysts – what makes your company different? If your organization stands apart with a high-impact purpose, a fantastic culture, or even being 100% remote, shout it from the rooftops! Tempt job seekers to apply and get excited about you; don't wait until the interview stage to let candidates know what makes your business unique – give them that upfront insight into why yours is worth considering.

Show potential candidates what makes your organization unique and how you're positively impacting the communities you serve. By doing so, you'll attract top talent and those who align with your values and are passionate about what you do. After all, the right candidate isn't just about having the right skills - it's also about finding the right fit for your team's culture.

5. Keep Inclusivity in Mind

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are crucial while crafting a job posting. You should write job postings that are inclusive and welcoming for candidates of all backgrounds. Many recruiters don't realize that gender-neutral language and removing anything that hints at age requirements creates a job posting that makes everyone feel welcome to apply. 

Are you striving to become a more diverse and inclusive company? Show off your commitment by highlighting DEI goals, employee resource groups, or holidays recognizing diversity! To amplify the reach of these initiatives even further, remember to utilize a wide range of job boards as well. 

The Perfect Job Posting Template

Now that you have a better idea of what makes a great posting, here is a high-level template of what this could look like:

  • Headline: What's the name of the role?

  • Company: Who are you?

  • Location: Where in the world is this role based?

  • Mission and Vision: Briefly, what's the "why" for your company?

  • Media: This can be pictures, videos, or links to other pages on your website. But it will give the reader a break and better demonstrate some highlights.

  • Position Summary: What does the day-to-day in the role look like? Is the role full-time? Part-time? Temporary or Seasonal? Contract?

  • Qualifications: What are you looking for? Be sure to differentiate between what's "ideal" and what's genuinely "essential."

  • Salary and Benefits: The more information and data you can provide about this, the better. What does this role pay, and what else is a part of the compensation package? Being detailed here will attract more candidates and allow people to self-select before spending resources on a lengthy interview only to find out you're too far out of alignment.

  • Application Process: What do people need to apply? What happens after they apply? What timeline or steps are included as part of the application process? If you have a particularly lengthy process or one that contains skills tests or similar evaluations, you should include this up-front.

The beauty of a good job listing is that you can be as creative as you want –the more you showcase your personality, the more likely you are to find candidates who are a good mutual fit.

And once you've found the perfect candidate, GoCo can help continue the momentum by streamlining your onboarding process.

  • Onboarding- Let your new hires know they made the right decision with your company. Your onboarding process should reflect the recruiting process they've received. GoCo's onboarding software allows HR to send remote offer letters, kick-start remote training, eliminate open enrollment pain points, review orientation packets, and more at the click of a button.

  • Compliance - Filing new hire paperwork should be easy for HR and the employee. Right after HR orientation, employees should have all the relevant forms they need to sign off on. GoCo's dedication to compliance means employees can quickly fill out I-9 forms, direct deposit authorization, and more within a digital portal.

Final Thoughts

Creating an engaging job posting is crucial in attracting top talent. The job posting is the first impression potential employees will have of the company, and it's essential to make it count. GoCo provides software that can streamline paperwork and HR-related tasks and help ease onboarding. It's time to put these tips into practice and attract top talent to your organization!

Job Post Writing FAQs

You can create engaging job postings by communicating you company's mission, values, and vision, optimizing the length and format of the post, analyzing existing job descriptions for accuracy, advertising the culture of the organization, and keeping inclusivity in mind.

While there is no rule set in stone, the ideal word count for a job posting is 500-1,000 words, which is concise, visually appealing, and easy to read.

A company can differentiate itself from its competitors by showcasing its culture and values, such as by adding a "Why We Love to Work Here" section featuring a video of employees sharing their thoughts and experiences, linking to social media pages and the company's website to give an in-depth picture of the organization, and highlighting the company's diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

It is crucial to keep inclusivity in mind while crafting a job posting to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for candidates of all backgrounds and to increase diversity within the organization.

Updated 1/3/2024

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