HR Appreciation: The Importance of HR & How to Better Appreciate Your HR Department

Education and tips on the HR Role

by Nikhil Bendre - October 18, 2021

The focus of HR is to support the rest of the employees within an organization. HR managers work tirelessly to ensure that all team members are accounted for and taken care of, both from a policy point of view and a perspective of their general well-being in the workplace. However, acting as the unsung heroes that help keep a company’s wheels turning, it is rare that HR personnel receive adequate recognition and appreciation from the rest of the organization. That’s why we hope to provide you with a resource on how to make sure your team can show your HR department the love they deserve, as well as a resource for HR to know how to properly educate their employees on how to appreciate their efforts!

Here are some ideas to give your team a closer look into what exactly their HR department is up to!

HR Appreciation Ideas

  • Videos and Trainings

Lots of organizations use pre recorded videos to communicate the role and significance of HR to non HR personnel. This is a solid choice if you’re in a time crunch, but we feel like having a live and interactive training would be more insightful for your team. Have some representatives from HR convey the ideas we discuss in this article and more ideas that pertain to the specific practices of your company. Opening that channel of communication and providing that transparency eliminates that “wall” between employees and HR.

  • HR Check-Ins

Have HR do check-ins with managers and employees to cover their strategic roles, how to get support from the top, compliance, and more! These check-ins remind your team that HR isn’t just the equivalent of the police within your office. They convey that HR genuinely cares about the well-being of the team and regularly wants to make sure that employees feel supported and appreciated. It’s no secret that work can get overwhelming very quickly. Allowing HR check-ins encourages your team not to suffer in silence, so to speak, and to reach out for help when they need it!

That being said, what exactly does HR do behind closed doors that the rest of the team should know about?

  • Compliance/Legislation

Developing company policies that are aligned with relevant laws while still centering around maximizing employee benefit is not an easy task. It requires major balancing and prioritizing abilities, and HR works hard to make sure that policies reflect the best interest of each and every employee. 

  • Employee Engagement and Happiness

The fundamental aspect of Human Resources is the first word – Human! Think of HR as your safety net in the workplace. Our priority is ensuring that you are happy, well-treated, and set up for success so that you can focus on the tasks that you need to take care of. They understand that the foundation of a successful organization is the positive state of our team, so practically all of their efforts revolve around keeping employees as happy and engaged as we possibly can!

  • Finance/Budget

Similar to compliance and legislation, the finance and budgeting aspects of the HR department require great skills in balance and prioritization. Dealing with organization budgets is a pivotal part of the machine that is a company, and any good HR department will make it a point to optimize the available funds for maximum employee benefit and to set the company up for the best results possible.

Finally, and most importantly, what can you do to show your appreciation for your HR department?

  • HR Appreciation Event

In HR, we often figure out ways to appreciate employees, including gifts, spotlights, and parties. Consider turning the tables and throwing a party for your usual party throwers! It’s sure to be both a great surprise and a warmly appreciated expression of gratitude that your HR team will never forget.

  • Thank Your Individual HR Manager

How many times have you heard someone express their general indifference or negative impression of HR, followed by appreciation for their individual HR manager? In that case, whatever your relationship with the general realm of HR may be, reach out and thank the person who handles your HR needs. Odds are, they’re overwhelmed and maybe overworked too, but HR does it all with a big smile! A simple thank you goes a long way.

  • Participate in International HR Day

May 20th is International HR Day, where HR professionals across the globe are celebrated for making the HR field as significant as it is. Instead of overlooking this day as just another day at the office, plan to do something special for your HR team. Part of their job is to do this kind of thing for the rest of the organization year round, so let them enjoy the benefits of it on their special day!


HR regularly deals with a multitude of things that are not within the typical scope of what HR is expected to handle. There seems to be a general assumed idea of what exactly HR entails, but the actual specifics are a lot more complex and difficult to deal with than what the general understanding portrays. That’s why we need to make sure that the people who ensure that the rest of the team is adequately and rightfully appreciated receive the same courtesy in return. If you haven’t already, carve out the time and prioritize the people who prioritize you!

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