HR’s Ultimate Open Enrollment Survival Kit

Essentials to help HR pros breeze through open enrollment

by Nikhil Bendre - October 28, 2021

Any HR Manager will agree that open enrollment season is the ultimate test for any organization’s HR department. Making sure open enrollment runs as smoothly as possible is not an easy task and it can be quite taxing for the people responsible. Whether you’re an HR manager who is gearing up for open enrollment and looking for self-care tips or someone outside of HR looking for ways to support your HR department, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about some of our essentials for surviving open enrollment.


Studies show that increased stress levels are directly linked to decreased immunity. In today’s times with the ever present dangers of COVID-19, we need to make sure that if anything, our immunity stays intact and as strong as can be. Emergen-C supplements are a quick and easy way to sneak some vitamin C into your system. The link between vitamin C and boosted physical health is important not only for getting the job done in terms of open enrollment, but for dealing with the accompanying stress as well!

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Stress Ball

Sometimes, stress and tension is best let out in a physical way. It’s important that this expression is constructive. Some great stress relievers include going for a walk or run, going on a bike ride and feeling the wind, or playing your favorite sport. Unfortunately, during open enrollment when HR personnel are glued to their desks, those options aren’t exactly feasible during the work day. Consider using stress balls as a way to exert some tension while on the job!

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Blue-Light Glasses

One thing ensured by open enrollment is a lot – meaning too much – of time facing a screen. We all know the harmful and straining effects this can have on our eyes over time. Pick out some stylish frames and gift your HR department with some blue-light filtering glasses to help minimize eye strain and headaches while they work through the laundry list of tasks brought about by this time of year!

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Hand Massager

This one goes hand-in-hand (see what I did there?) with our last suggestion! In addition to strained eyes, increased computer time means increased typing and writing which inherently means sore, aching, and cramping hands. When anything aches, it seems to lead right into increased frustration and irritability, and hand cramps are definitely an inconvenient hurdle when your work objectives revolve around writing and typing. Look into getting hand massagers and keeping them on stand-by for when the hand aches come creeping in!

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A Provided Meal

Words cannot describe how much a nice hot meal can help after a stressful workday, and open enrollment is sure to consist of a ton of those. It’s even better when you don’t have to pay for it! That’s why this suggestion is geared more towards company leadership. Sympathize with what your HR team has to deal with and consider ordering them dinner while they endure the most taxing part of their year. Even providing something like an UberEats voucher would be a huge help, and this choice allows for the freedom of restaurant selection as well!

Guided Meditation Membership

We’ve discussed this option on our website before – check out our article on Tools, Items, and Ideas to Help Employees Cope With Stress! In that blogpost, we mention investing in a corporate Headspace subscription, an app that focuses on meditation and mindfulness. With the demands of open enrollment, it’s common for HR managers to feel like they eat, sleep, and breathe benefits. Gift them with this subscription and emphasize the importance of centering themselves amidst the chaos.

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Coffee and/or Tea Supply

An astounding number of us depend on our caffeinated beverage of choice to make it through the standard work day. That need is dramatically increased with the pressures of open enrollment! If you’re in HR, have your coffee or tea on deck and ready to go. If not, think about giving the gift of caffeine this enrollment season, sure to help one overworked HR manager at a time!

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If you aren’t in HR, remember to be kind and supportive to those who are. If you are in HR and dealing with open enrollment, remember to be kind to yourself! Remember, it will come to an end and work will go back to normal! You are performing a crucial task for your organization to function and you are much appreciated for all of the work and hours you put in. Hopefully these ideas helped out. Just breathe, you’ve got this.

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