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Navigating HR Tech Adoption at Your Company

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Jun 23 · Sunday


Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in paperwork, manually entering data? Or have you ever worried about ensuring the privacy of your employees’ sensitive information?

If so, you’re not alone. Every HR pro has been there. Add in the complexity of the constantly evolving technology landscape, and it becomes clear that traditional methods just don’t cut it anymore.

Even if you already recognize the need for change, the thought of adopting new HR technology can feel like staring down a sheer cliff face.

How can you be sure the tech is right for your company? How can you guarantee it’s safe? How can you convince your leadership team to embrace change and approve the cost?

Get answers to those questions and more in this free webinar. You’ll get expert insights on identifying the right tech solution for your company, crafting a compelling case for leadership, and creating a smooth implementation process that garners buy-in from your entire team.

Pamela Fagan-Shull

Pamela Fagan-Shull

Senior Consultant, Max Muller & Associates

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