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New App Integrations in the Marketplace!

50+ new app integrations added to GoCo’s Marketplace this Fall.

Integrations are fundamental building blocks in a successful and automated HR lego set. We frequently get requests for new connections and are thrilled to announce we’ve added over 50 new app integrations to our Marketplace.

In this modern age, it’s not uncommon to have a big tech stack supporting your company. With the new integrations added in 15 different categories, we hope you can find and easily connect with the other apps in your tech stack. 

GoCo Integrations

Our Marketplace gives you the flexibility to shop for apps, use our pre-built integration flows, and build your own custom, no-code flows, all from within GoCo for a complete all-in-one experience. 

We’re excited to unlock new automation possibilities with these integrations, like:

Applicant Tracking Systems
Our new integrations with applicant tracking systems like Greenhouse and Workable help you automate your recruiting and hiring processes. You can automatically sync candidates over to GoCo from your ATS so you don’t have to start from scratch re-entering the info you’ve already gathered. 

Background Checks
In addition to our integration with Checkr, we now also have an integration with VerifiedFirst. Both integrations make it easy to kick off background checks for your new hires, from within GoCo. New hires will be notified automatically and prompted to complete their background checks, saving you time and energy!

Cut out the middle man and automate notification communication with new integrations with popular apps like Slack, Twilio, and Microsoft Teams. When certain actions are taken or tasks are completed in GoCo, messages can be automatically sent in your communication systems. For example, when an employee submits a time off request in GoCo, a Slack message can be sent directly to their manager notifying them to review.

Secure Data Transferring (listed under Dev Tools)
Keeping data secure is a priority for GoCo and for our clients. With new SFTP (and FTP) integrations, you can send CSVs of your employee data securely to any third party, manually or on an automated schedule. 

Performance Management
In addition to GoCo’s new Performance module, we recently added an integration with 15Five. You can automatically create new hire accounts in 15Five as soon as they’re added to GoCo as well as keep the user data in sync between the two systems. 

Using multiple software means creating new accounts in each one for every new hire. Save time with integrations that will automatically create new accounts for software like Quickbooks, Quickbooks Time (aka TSheets), Okta, and more!

These are just some of our new integration options -- see the full list here. Plus, we’re constantly adding new ones. You can request new apps at any time from the Marketplace!

Watch a quick demonstration of how to access, set up, and use integrations in the GoCo Marketplace from our What's New in GoCo Fall 2022 Webinar:

🥁 Coming soon… new integrations with some popular learning management systems 🤓

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