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52 Hilarious HR Memes For 2023

Summing up how HR feels now that we’re entering the pandemic transition period

Nikhil Bendre

by Nikhil Bendre - December 1st, 2022


One thing is agreeable across the board - 2022 was a rollercoaster. As HR professionals, dealing with the hurdles that have been thrown at us has been utterly exhausting, from navigating remote work policies to recession-proofing their department budget. Now that we’re entering uncharted territory, with the labor market changing on an almost daily basis, the need for HR support only increases.

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Some of us have gotten really creative online, making memes that perfectly encapsulate what we’re all feeling. These memes definitely gave us a great laugh and now we’re trying to share the laughter with you! Enjoy!

At least no one was ghosted, right?

accepted another offer spider man HR meme

Which one is you today?

hr meme the many faces of recruiting

Submitted by Jarir Mallah, HR Specialist at Ling App

And under "other relevant skills" you wrote...

under pressure HR meme

When you can't turn off the HR in you

onboarding HR meme

Honestly, only 17 tabs is pretty tame

zendaya HR meme

Theres a meme from The Office for everything

hr meme from the office for wellness program

Submitted by Anthony Martin, Founder and CEO at Choice Mutual

We all have these days!

concentration HR meme

It's been a tough year for all of us

Logan Mallory, Vice President of Marketing at Motivosity

You did say you wanted candidates who value transparency

interview HR meme

🎶 It's the most wonderful time of the year 🎶

open enrollment HR meme

There are definitely downsides to being the office comedian

bad joke HR meme

...Like, a lot of downsides...

bad joke 2 HR meme

The mask might have been a bit much...

Michael Meyers HR meme

Ok, some of these are too real 😢

halloween costume 1 HR meme

Who ya gonna call?

Halloween costume 2 HR meme

Submitted by Desiree Echevarria at CareerPlug

Has this ever worked for anyone?🍕🥳

pizza party hr meme

Ok, but what was Chandler's job?!

friends HR meme

Some people just can't take honest feedback

zoom call HR meme

We 💚 you just the way you are

Just be yourself HR meme

The dangerous lives of HR professionals

fired HR meme

We predict a lot more memes like this in the near future

elon musk twitter HR meme

You might need to revisit how you sell your company culture

hr meme about culture interviews

Submitted by Agata Szczepanek, Community Manager at LiveCareer

How bad can 2023 really be... right? RIGHT?!

2023 HR meme

Our Favorite HR Memes of 2021

1. When new legislation gets passed… again. The American Rescue Plan? W-2 updates?

2. “Guys! We’re working in-person again!”

3. The ultimate test of patience… Thank goodness for HR software!

4. We all hit that breaking point

5. We’ve been isolated.. Our social meters are down to zero…. WHY?

6. Staying a safe distance away

7. When you’ve received this line one too many times

8. Having a nice day can be a big ask: Just have day

9. “Finally 2020 is over! Now we can go back to normal!” SIKE

10. Hahahaha...ha……..

11. Easy peasy

12. “I just sit back and observe”

13. When the policy changes you’ve been suggesting are finally approved

14. And somehow, being the superheroes we are, we manage to get it done

15.  When I say we're work besties, I mean work BESTIES

16. Choosing peace instead of violence today

Our Favorite Memes that Perfectly Summed Up 2020 for HR Pros

One of the few upsides that emerged from the chaos of 2020 was the flood of hilarious memes on our social feeds. We all needed a little laughter during such a difficult year, so we've compiled a few of our favorite memes that sum up our feelings for 2020.

Trying to navigate COVID-19 policies

What you said on your resume vs. the reality of this year

Trying to keep productivity up while working from home

When we were asked to do more with less

Holding back from saying how we really feel

Pretending it was business as usual

The main feeling of the year 💤

Thinking we've almost made it to the end of the year

And then this happened

Managing open enrollment during a pandemic

Having benefits on the mind

Picturing what the future could look like

... but going cautiously into the new year

If you’ve got any great HR memes, we want to see them! Tag GoCo on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram - we could use a good laugh!

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