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Search Wizards Customer Story

Improving the Employee and HR Experience with GoCo

It was a really seamless transition to GoCo. Our employees appreciate the ease of use vs. emailing everything, printing stuff out, faxing, signing.
Amy Bukovich, CFO ∙ Search Wizards
Search Wizards Customer Story

Onboarding New-Hires More Efficiently With GoCo

When it comes to recruiting talent, Search Wizards has an interesting niche -- they are a leading agency known for being the best recruiter of recruiters. As a woman-owned, woman-led recruiting and staffing agency, their goal is to help recruits build their careers while promoting diversity both internally and in their placements. Their CEOs have always been women, and they have a strong core staff of women, says Amy Bukovich, their CFO.

Search Wizards staffs recruiters on a contingent basis for a variety of Fortune 500 and even Fortune 10 companies. That’s a lot of human data for an HRIS system to manage – and GoCo’s platform fits the bill exactly.

Life Before GoCo

Search Wizards operates in 27 states, with many remote employees, and they typically have around 150 - 200 staff, Amy says. Our clients count on us to supplement or build their recruiting and sourcing teams on-demand. We are hiring at a high volume on the contract side which leads to heavy on-boarding.

Because of the high volume, before GoCo, the HR team at Search Wizards was stuck in a constant new-hire onboarding paperwork nightmare. Collecting documents meant printing, passing papers around, manually signing, scanning, filing -- a process they were perpetually repeating. New-hire onboarding basically never stopped, and it took a tremendous amount of staff time.

Before GoCo, for a short amount of time Search Wizards worked with a leading competitor in HR Management Systems; however, after a while, the other vendor changed up their model, expanding their services and increasing their prices for features that Search Wizards wasn’t actually using, and they found the platform clunky and unwieldy. They wanted something more streamlined and effective, and they didn’t want to pay for features they didn’t need.

They also struggled to get timely and accurate responses when they had questions for their previous provider. And they felt they didn’t have line of sight to employee data. The few reports they did receive felt canned, and if they asked customer service for something specific, they would get it a month and a half later, Amy says -- hardly allowing for a timely response to current trends.

GoCo: A Game-Changer for Search Wizards’ HR

With their constant hiring and their urgent need for a more convenient platform, Search Wizards started looking for a more user-friendly HR tool that could also integrate with their apps and sync with their payroll. And that’s how they found GoCo, an ideal long-term partner.

But integration isn’t the only advantage that Search Wizards found in GoCo - they had much more to say about the platform and how it has made their lives easier.

If there is an issue, GoCo finds a solution. When they say they’ll figure it out and get back to the customer, they mean it.

Brittney DeMilt
Operations Analyst ∙ Search Wizards

Time Saving

Many of the staff that Search Wizards hires for client assignments come back for new client assignments repeatedly. Rather than inputting all of their data over and over again, GoCo’s portal can save all of their info, Amy explains. Not having to reenter info saves a huge amount of time.

“The biggest asset we have is time,” Amy says. “Any time you can create an efficient process, you're giving people back their time, and you're giving companies back their money so they can spend that capital elsewhere.”

Data input now takes up a minimal amount of staff time, which they can invest in human talent.

Ensuring compliance

GoCo’s platform helps Search Wizards’ staff make sure they don’t miss important information or make mistakes. Having that type of oversight is tremendously important from a tax and compliance perspective, Amy emphasizes. Now, even with the complexity of being present in 27 different states, with different law and tax regulations, they can easily ensure ACA compliance for their constantly fluctuating workforce.

Due to the hiring volume, they have to send out 300 to 400 W-2 forms. GoCo’s platform helps them keep all their ducks in a row when it comes to taxes.

Superior customer support

Search Wizards feels especially confident in GoCo’s platform because of the personalized advice and service they receive. Their GoCo CSM, Rachel, and a benefits advisor from One Digital, which partners with GoCo, will talk through any questions and help them confirm that they’re doing things right.

Brittney DeMilt, Search Wizards’ Operations Analyst, says that whatever question they have, GoCo’s staff always get back to them with an answer very quickly.

If there is an issue, GoCo finds a solution, she explains. When they say they’ll figure it out and get back to the customer, they mean it.

“GoCo has always taken ownership of any hiccup or mistake that's happened, and they've helped us find a solution to rectify it,” Amy says.

Sharing detailed reports

“The reporting aspects are pretty phenomenal, to be honest with you,” Amy asserts. With GoCo’s system, they receive a level of detail in their reports that they never expected.

That level of detail helps them to make sense of employee trends and act on them in a timely manner.

Syncing with existing tools

As we said previously, GoCo’s HRS system’s ability to sync with preexisting tools that Search Wizards uses, like their payroll tool, also streamlined the transition. GoCo already partnered with their other software providers, allowing for easy integration of those systems.

A Great Self-Serve Experience for Employees

Amy says that Search Wizards’ staff as a whole really appreciated the smoothness of the implementation process and how much the new system simplified new-hire onboarding and other daily operations. Our employees appreciate the ease of use, versus emailing everything, printing, faxing, signing,” she explains.

“It was a really seamless transition,” Amy adds. GoCo’s dashboard is especially functional for smaller companies like Search Wizards, where staff are often handling multiple functions, she notes. It gives all staff easy access to everything they need.

A long-term partnership

When it comes to GoCo’s software, Amy says, “You always know it’s going to be there. It’s going to do what it’s supposed to. And you don’t have to second guess it.”

To an HR professional or CFO, that reliability is everything. By maximizing their efficiency, helping them ensure compliance, and providing top-tier customer service, GoCo has given Search Wizards the tools to provide the highest quality service to their own staff -- which means they see GoCo as part of their future for a long time to come.

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