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Unlocking the Value of GoCo for Your Clients

As a benefits broker partner, effectively communicating the value of an HRIS to your clients is essential.

June 26th, 2023


As a benefits broker partner, effectively communicating the value of an HRIS (Human Resources Information System) to your clients is essential. One such HRIS that stands out with its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface is GoCo, which offers numerous benefits that can revolutionize the way organizations manage their HR and benefits operations. In this article, we will explore the key points to highlight when showcasing the advantages of GoCo's HRIS to your clients.

Centralized Employee Data

One of the significant advantages of GoCo's HRIS is its ability to centralize employee data. No more scattered spreadsheets, paperwork, or manual record-keeping. With GoCo, all employee information resides in a single, secure platform. This centralized approach streamlines administrative tasks, minimizes errors, and enhances data accuracy.

Time and Cost Savings

Automating HR tasks can significantly reduce administrative burdens and save valuable time for HR teams. GoCo's HRIS offers automation capabilities for onboarding, benefits enrollment, time-off management, and document storage. By eliminating manual processes, organizations can allocate resources more efficiently, reduce operational costs, and empower their HR team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Improved Compliance

Maintaining compliance with HR regulations is a top priority for organizations. GoCo's HRIS simplifies compliance management by assisting in accurate record-keeping, benefits eligibility tracking, leave policy management, and generating reports for audits or government filings. By leveraging GoCo's compliance features, clients can mitigate legal risks and ensure adherence to applicable laws and regulations.

Enhanced Employee Self-Service

GoCo's HRIS provides employees with self-service functionality, enabling them to access and manage their HR information independently. Through a user-friendly online portal, employees can view pay stubs, request time off, update personal details, access company policies, and enroll in benefits. This self-service capability enhances employee satisfaction, reduces HR inquiries, and fosters a culture of transparency and empowerment.

Integrated Benefits Administration

Simplifying benefits administration is crucial for organizations of all sizes. GoCo's HRIS seamlessly integrates with various benefits providers and carriers, streamlining the entire process. Clients can manage open enrollment, track employee eligibility, handle life event changes, and generate enrollment reports—all within the HRIS platform. This integration reduces errors, improves data accuracy, and enhances the overall benefits experience for employees.

Analytics and Insights

Data-driven decision-making is essential for optimizing HR strategies. GoCo's HRIS offers robust reporting and analytics features, providing valuable insights into employee data. Clients can generate reports on employee demographics, turnover rates, benefits utilization, and more. These insights enable organizations to identify trends, enhance employee engagement and retention, and make informed decisions for overall organizational success.

Scalability and Flexibility

Adapting to an organization's growth is vital for any HRIS. GoCo's HRIS is designed to scale, accommodating businesses of all sizes. Whether a small business or a rapidly expanding company, GoCo's platform can adapt to changing needs, support additional users, and evolve alongside new HR processes. This flexibility ensures that clients' HR technology remains aligned with their business requirements.

Final Thoughts

When highlighting the benefits of GoCo's HRIS to your clients, it is crucial to emphasize its ability to streamline HR and benefits operations, save time and costs, ensure compliance, empower employees, and provide valuable insights for data-driven decision-making. By implementing GoCo's HRIS, organizations can unlock a new level of efficiency, productivity, and strategic focus within their HR departments, ultimately driving overall organizational success and client satisfaction. Partner with GoCo today!

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