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GoCo Winter 2024 Product Release

Check out the exciting GoCo product updates new this winter!


In the dark days of winter, GoCo’s bringing you more light with our latest Product Launch. 

This winter, we're introducing two standout features that are set to redefine the snowy peaks of payroll innovation, complemented by a flurry of smaller enhancements that sparkle like freshly fallen snowflakes. 

Take a look at what’s new in GoCo this season. ❄️✨

Streamline Expense Management

Processing expense reimbursements can be a bit of a puzzle for HR admins with mountains of receipts and reports piling up! We're talking about a lot of back-and-forth, trying to track, verify, and manage expenses. Plus, with remote or hybrid work on the rise, it’s become crucial to find a digital solution to keep things organized and efficient. 

GoCo’s new Expense Management feature will have you saying goodbye to spreadsheets and calculators, and hello to a faster, more streamlined expense reimbursement journey. Create expense policies that fit your company’s unique structure with easy categorization and custom rules for certain expenses or amount limits.

For employees, submitting requests has never been easier. With our AI receipt scanner, users can upload up to 10 receipts at a time, and AI will do the rest. Your team can submit and approve from anywhere. And, get a true all-in-one experience when you use GoCo’s payroll; approved expenses will automatically flow over to payroll!  

Generate Custom General Ledger Breakdowns

General ledger reports are the financial compass for HR and payroll. They offer a detailed snapshot of salary, benefits, and payroll expenses, helping organizations track and manage finances effectively. These reports connect the dots between payroll expenses and the overall accounting for the business. But, every organization has a unique financial structure, so a one-size-fits-all report just won't cut it.

This winter, we created a new general ledger report experience for our payroll customers. With a one-time import of your accounting codes and a quick mapping exercise, you can ensure your report is configured in a way that is compatible with your accounting software.

Plus, you can easily customize how you breakdown and total your payroll data. With General Ledger reports inside GoCo, you get a full all-in-one experience for HR and payroll and save time when it comes to accounting and reconciliation.

Enhancements to Look For 

Schedule & Receive Custom Reports—Straight to Your Inbox

There are certain reports you need to run on a regular basis. Maybe it’s your monthly birthday and anniversary report so you can celebrate your team. Or it’s your quarterly report of new hires or employee changes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these reports were generated automatically? We’ve heard the requests and are excited to announce new functionality that empowers you to subscribe to the custom reports you run the most. You’ll receive straight to your email inbox on the cadence of your choosing, saving you time and keeping you on track. 

Save Time With Default Values & More Hiring Workflow Customization 

Our custom hiring workflow templates make it easy to preset the hiring and onboarding process.  This winter, we added the option to set default values for many of the fields inside the hiring process. With more flexibility to set which fields are required, optional, or hidden, you can clean up your process so it’s more streamlined for your HR team and your employees. 

Get Started Faster With Template Shortcuts

We’ve got some awesome and helpful templates available in our Marketplace to help you get started. But we wanted to get them more front and center for your easy access!

Now, you can choose from our most popular templates without going to the Marketplace first. You’ll see a new option “Choose from Marketplace” whenever you go to add a new document, report, workflow, performance review, or space. Our templates give you a jumping off point so you can focus your energy on customizing it to meet your unique needs and processes.Save Time With At-a-Glance Attendance Tracking

Coming Soon…

Stay tuned for: 

  • Company Trend Reports

  • Send Team Surveys to Slack & Teams

  • Human Interest Integration

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