Top 13 Employee Onboarding Software Solutions in 2024

GoCo’s all-in-one HR platform offers a highly customizable employee onboarding software to help you make a great first impression. With GoCo, you can deliver memorable first-day experiences and onboard new hires within a matter of minutes – not days.

Benefits of Employee Onboarding Software

The quality of the onboarding experience can impact your company’s bottom line. Successfully incorporating new employees into the culture, getting them up-to-speed with policies, and training them takes tons of effort. An automated onboarding solution, such as GoCo, can drastically improve an employee's first day experience, by:

  • Digitizing pre-boarding workflows & documents (offer letters, benefits previews, employee handbooks, and so much more!)
  • Eliminating loads of paperwork, from benefits to payroll documents
  • Collecting electronic signatures and storing them in a digital database
  • Empowering new hires with online benefits enrollment
  • Involving multiple team members digitally
  • Simplifying payroll set-up

Manually tracking checklists, managing paperwork, and executing and monitoring training is unproductive. However, with decent onboarding software at your disposal, you can ease the load and ensure that new hires fit right in. To help you decide and pick the right solution, we’ve compiled a list of the top onboarding software. And with GoCo’s digital pre-boarding experience and other cutting-edge features, it makes sense why it’s the number one choice for so many businesses.

Let’s jump right in and see which employee onboarding solutions will reign supreme in 2024.

13 Best Onboarding Software in 2024

Best Software

  • GoCo
  • ClearCompany
  • iSpring Learn
  • Ultimate Software
  • HR Cloud
  • ADP
  • Sage
  • Workful
  • iSolved
  • BirdDogHR
  • Viventium
  • WorkBright
  • Lessonly

1. GoCo

GoCo Logo

Website: Visit GoCo

G2 Rating: 4.7 (202)

GoCo is a singular platform that offers HR, benefits, and payroll management capabilities. Designed to be an all-in-on solution, the platform’s user-friendly interface and highly customizable solutions help streamline and automate the entire human resource workflow, including PTO, time tracking, e-documentation, and of course, onboarding.

With GoCo, you can simplify the onboarding experience and make talent acquisition a breeze, thanks to its top-of-the-line features. The sheer convenience and ease-of-use for both employers and employees makes GoCo one of the hottest HR solutions in the market.

GoCo's completely digital platform improves the HR & employee experience by:

  • Initiating the onboarding process before the employee's first day (remote OR in-house)
  • Sending digital offer letters and leveraging electronic signatures in one place
  • Acquiring tax withholding and payroll information in minutes

This means goodbye to manila envelopes and hello to automation. With GoCo's automated workflows feature, you can guarantee a consistent first day experience by streamlining your onboarding checklist: new hire packets, training, orientation and more!

GoCo's customizable onboarding feature brings you the ease and convenience of a modern online enrollment platform. And if you want to bring your own benefits broker or use your own cloud-based payroll, the platform works with you.

Modern onboarding tools, coupled with an embedded payroll software and sync capabilities, time tracking features, benefits administration, and more make GoCo the go-to HR platform for large and small businesses alike. Create a demo account today and experience a whole new world of HR automation.

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2. ClearCompany

ClearCompany specializes in providing a top-of-the-line talent management system. Known for its modern applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, and employee engagement solutions, over 2,000 businesses/recruiters use the platform.

The company’s mobile-friendly employee onboarding software offers a new hire portal, compliance management, background checks, benefits administration, e-verify, and more.

ClearCompany has not published any fixed prices for its talent management system. The pricing depends on your company’s size and needs.

Users can also pay for modular access. This means that they have the freedom to acquire the solutions they need, instead of the entire talent management suite.

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3. iSpring Learn

If onboarding new employees seems daunting, a platform like iSpring Learn could be the solution. This is a highly intuitive learning management system (LMS) that powers the entire induction training cycle, from creating learning content to measuring training results.

With iSpring Learn, it's easy to make onboarding easy to follow. You can create courses that cover various topics which newcomers need to grasp. Then merge them into a single training learning program arranged by day or week, so new hires gain necessary knowledge gradually.

iSpring Learn also empowers you to streamline the onboarding program. The platform
automatically assigns welcome courses to all new hires, sends notifications about new training or live events, reminds learners of deadlines, and provides you with detailed, real-time reports on group or individual progress.

Pricing is based on the number of active users and the subscription plan you select. You can explore the platform firsthand with a free 30-day trial.

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4. Ultimate Software

Next on the list is Ultimate Software’s UltiPro – a complete HCM platform, perfect for businesses of all sizes.

UltiPro Onboard, the platform’s onboarding software solution, offers a convenient way to connect with your new hires from day one. The platform is accessible through mobile-devices, allowing both employers and employees to complete onboarding tasks with ease. This involves all of the necessary paperwork and personal goal-setting.

Furthermore, UltiPro Onboard allows new employees to establish relationships with their team members before joining.

Like most other HCM companies, Ultimate Software doesn’t offer fixed prices for its solutions. The pricing depends on your requirements.

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5. HR Cloud

HR Cloud is a SaaS company that provides smart HRMS solutions for team collaboration, company culture, and core HR processes.

Onboard – HR Cloud’s flagship product – packs a wide range of useful onboarding features.

Focused on providing great experiences for new hires, the onboarding software ensures that employees are engaged from day one. On the other hand, personalized portals, forms, reporting, payroll integrations, and checklist automation work together to deliver smooth transitions.

You can request a free price quote for HR Cloud Onboard. Though the company hasn’t published any fixed pricing on their website, some courses claim that the starting price is $6 per employee (per month).

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6. ADP

ADP Logo

Website: Visit ADP

ADP is a renowned provider of payroll, benefits administration, talent management, and other HCM solutions.

The ADP Vantage HCM is an all-in-one platform to manage your human capital, and offers a wide range of features. Among the many characteristics of this software are the onboarding capabilities that offer a centralized way of welcoming new employees to your company.

There are certain standard features and capabilities that are common in all onboarding software. Similarly, ADP Vantage offers a convenient way to get paperwork done, divide tasks among hiring managers, conduct orientation, leverage templates, and much more.

Furthermore, the software allows users to introduce new employees to existing ones, helping them overcome first-day jitters.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there’s so much more that you can do, besides onboarding, with the help of ADP Vantage.

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7. Sage

Sage Logo

Website: Visit Sage

Sage is a SaaS company that provides award-winning business management, accounting, and payroll software for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Sage HRMS suite – the ultimate HR platform to manage entire employee lifecycles – brings cutting-edge capabilities to the table. Among the suite is a recruitment software that automates everything, from finding the right candidates to onboarding them.

With the recruitment software, you can streamline the onboarding process by leveraging dynamic online forms and tax withholding certificates.

In addition, there are a number of other features, including what-if analyses, alerts, and more, that can help ensure smooth-sailing.

Similarly, Sage provides a quote-based pricing for its solutions. Right now, the company offers its recruitment and onboarding features as add-ons.

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8. Workful

If you run a small business, Workful’s payroll and human resource solutions may be perfect for you.

The company specializes in providing software that can help streamline processes and make things simpler for recruiters.

Workful’s online HR software does all of that, and more.

In addition to time tracking, document warehousing, expense reporting, and PTO management, the software offers modern onboarding features.

Thanks to its onboarding software, your new employees can create their own accounts through self-servicing, gain access to the employee handbook (and other documents and forms), and be incorporated into the payroll.

As of now, Workful will cost you $25 per month (plus $5 for every employee you have). While the platform certainly isn’t cheap, it could be worth it, since it includes both payroll and HR tools.

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9. iSolved

iSolved is another one of the many providers of HCM solutions, including payroll, benefits, core HR, and time tracking.

While the basic iSolved HCM platform offers a wide range of features, the onboarding features come with iSolved Hire – an add-on.

With iSolved Hire features, you can make the recruitment and onboarding processes significantly easier.

In addition to the recruitment features (such as job postings, collaborations, etc.), the module lets you smoothly onboard fresh talent. The key capabilities of iSolved Hire include document/form management, increased retention, and bottle-neck elimination from the onboarding process.

As of now, the company hasn’t disclosed any fixed pricing for its HCM solutions. However, it does offer an ROI calculator that can help you estimate how much money you’d save by investing in their platform.

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10. BirdDogHR

BirdDogHR – a subsidiary of Arcoro Inc. – specializes in providing integrated talent management solutions and HR services.

The vast talent management system of BirdDogHR offers payroll, compensation management, time and attendance tracking, and of course, onboarding capabilities.

With its onboarding software, users can ensure compliance and get employees pre-boarded by sharing handbooks and policies. Furthermore, the software can integrate with both BirdDogHR systems and other third-party platforms.

The pricing for BirdDogHR platforms isn’t fixed and completely depends on the individual requirements of users. Another good thing about the pricing and offerings is that they’re flexible i.e. users can opt for specific modules/features.

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11. Viventium

Next on the list is a product by Viventium – another leading provider of flexible HCM solutions.

Known simply as “Talent Acquisition,” the software provides pretty much every feature that a business needs to attract, recruit, and retain top talent. The software provides applicant tracking, onboarding, and e-verification capabilities.

Viventium’s Talent Acquisition software offers standard onboarding tools, including document sharing, customizability, and e-signatures. In addition, the software allows you to manage employees who qualify for the work opportunity tax credit (WOTC).

When coupled with other recruitment features, the software offers good value.

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12. WorkBright

WorkBright provides digital onboarding solutions, with one underlying goal – make HR paperless.

The platform’s straightforward digital employee onboarding capabilities gives many major players a run for their money. With the help of WorkBright, you can turn even the most complex set of processes into a smooth and unified workflow.

An amazing fact about WorkBright is that it has been developed with a mobile-first philosophy, allowing users to finish their onboarding tasks on-the-go.

Users can sign documents with their fingerprints, fill out I-9 forms digitally, share other important files/documents, and get in-depth reports.

However, the price tag is a bit towards the higher-end. Pricing depends on how many employees you typically recruit every year. For example, if you hire 1 to 100 employees per year, the onboarding tool will cost $158 per month. In addition, you’ll have to pay separately to acquire the ATS.

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13. Lessonly

Since training and onboarding go hand-in-hand, it’s only fair to include a team learning software on the list.

Due to its simplicity and wide-scale acceptance, Lessonly made the list.

With the help of Lessonly, you can easily create, share, and track training content with your new employees. By sharing educational lessons related to your business and what you do, you can equip your teams with competent skills.

With Lessonly, you can share relevant training content with new recruits, track their progress, and ensure they meet your expectations. However, it doesn't offer core HR capabilities. Nonetheless, it can help out significantly if training is a large part of your onboarding process.

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How to Choose an Employee Onboarding Software for New Hires

Manually managing documents, collecting information from new recruits, and sharing relevant information with them is old-school. If you’re not using reliable onboarding software by now, your competitors are probably miles ahead of you. Here are a few questions to ask when evaluating a new employee onboarding solution:

  • Can it take care of the heavy lifting and eliminate manual, paper-based processes?
  • Is all of my HR data in one place?
  • Does it provide a consistent experience for all new hires, remote and in-person?
  • Does the solution give me time to focus on higher-value tasks?

It's never too late to make the upgrade. To catch up and streamline your onboarding processes, your best bet right now would be to invest in a software. While it may sound like an additional expense, it's definitely worth it in the long-run.

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