10 Best HR Document Management Software in 2024

GoCo is changing the way HR managers handle document management & eSignatures by creating a modern and consolidated hub to streamline processes. Read more to learn how to evaluate document management platforms and compare features.

Why Your Small Business Needs Document Management Software

For HR, document management is the glue that holds the department and the organization together. The ability to digitally store, search for, and manage employee data and documents mitigates compliance risks in addition to saving you loads of time. From W-4 forms to custom employee handbooks or policies, the amount of files that HR is expected to manage gets out of hand easily, so a digital employee file management system should be a non-negotiable on your list of needs. Having your HR documents in the same place as where you onboard and manage other HR tasks, and having the ability to identify key metrics within your employee data makes for a more productive workforce.

We’ve researched a list of top HR document management platforms you can consider for reducing your paperwork and spreadsheets. From key features to overall reviews, you can compare and decide which software makes the most sense for your small business (SMB), which likely means you’ll want an all-in-one HR experience.

GoCo is the first choice with these aspects in mind, but check out our full list below:

10 Best HR Document & File Management Software for Small Businesses

Best Software

  • GoCo
  • Zoho Docs
  • DocuSign
  • PandaDoc
  • eFileCabinet
  • DynaFile
  • Box
  • DocStar ECM
  • PeopleDoc
  • DocuPhase

1. GoCo

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G2 Rating: 4.7 (202)

GoCo is digital HR document management, employee onboarding, payroll, and benefits all in one place. GoCo comes in first if you’re looking for an easy way to manage and track HR documents in the same spot as all of your other HR needs. With GoCo, you can not only transform, fill, and sign any document, but you can also report on and auto-fill the data received in the HRIS. So, instead of a mere digital file cabinet, you’re also able to track and utilize the data collected. These features, built right into the entire onboarding flow, help simplify complex workflows, shorten the administrative HR process, and organize all of your relevant documents in one place.

GoCo’s Key Document Management Features:

  • Transform any document into fillable, signable, and reportable forms
  • Create and collect custom fields
  • Collect electronic signatures
  • Send secure links to new hires with customized documentation
  • Securely store all employee files in a secure employee database
  • Set advanced user permissions for each document, so employees and managers always have access to the right documents and are restricted from confidential documents
  • Auto-fill document fields with employee & company data within GoCo
  • Report and track documents at-a-glance in GoCo’s HRIS
  • Create new document templates or use pre-made templates (i.e. Offer letters, performance reviews, government forms, etc.)
  • Select the type of response required for each document
  • Send, edit, resend, and auto-archive older documents
  • Streamline employee onboarding documents (W-4 forms, I-9 forms, drug testing records, payroll records, and more)

With GoCo, HR teams are able to ditch spreadsheets and paper-based filing processes, without compromising other HR needs. With most other document management software solutions, users must create and maintain their own file structure for storing documents. With GoCo, all docs are automatically filed and organized within the employee profile. The ability to consolidate document management, digital onboarding, payroll set-up, compliance, and benefits administration in one system means you don’t have to change the way you work for your HR procedures to work.

If you’re ready to streamline your employee document management with all-in-one HR, take a free platform tour to see why GoCo wins.

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2. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is a good alternative if you are wanting a document management point-solution for creating, sharing, and collaborating on employee documents. With the two core functions of document storage and document editing, HR managers can reduce the amount of paperwork and organize online documents in a centralized vault.

Zoho Docs’ Key Document Management Features:

  • Store and preview files online (documents, images, excel sheets, etc.)
  • Share files within or outside the organization
  • Sync offline files online
  • Edit text documents and spreadsheets online
  • Import documents from other storage software

Pricing: The standard plan comes in at $5 per user per month, which includes 50GB storage per user, task management, and role based access. The premium plan is priced at $8 per user per month with additional email-in and admin governance features.

However, it’s important to note some users report issues when sharing and editing documents. Edited documents are sometimes reverted, which can prove to be frustrating if you often customize documents.

With that being said, Zoho Docs is still a strong option for online document storage without the all-in-one HR experience.

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3. DocuSign

Coming in with the third place medal is DocuSign. Similar to Zoho Docs, DocuSign is a well known solution for document management -- specifically eSignatures. The system offers sophisticated features around collecting electronic signatures and online agreements with the goal of helping businesses automate how they prepare and manage documents.

DocuSign’s HR Document Management Features:

  • Send, sign and track agreements digitally
  • Standardize agreement processes
  • Identify signers with enhanced methods
  • Organize documents in storage

Pricing: Standard business plans start at $25 per month for business essentials, and increase to $135 per month per user for Business Premium. Enterprise pricing must be custom quoted.

A few downsides to the platform based on previous users are the lack of timely customer support and hidden fees can add up quickly.

Still, the system is renowned for eSignature and agreement management.

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4. PandaDoc

If you’re particularly concerned about document workflows, PandaDoc may be a good option for you. Focusing on document workflow automation, the platform can be helpful for scaling teams and moving through proposal, quote, and contract flows. Similar to the others, it offers features around creating, completing and filing online documents without the consolidated HR hub.

PandaDoc’s Key HR Document Management Features:

  • Send and sign documents
  • Use pre-designed templates or create your own digital documents
  • Add comments and edits on documents
  • Receive analytics on document workflows

Pricing: For eSignatures only, PandaDoc offers a free plan for users, but most businesses will need the Essentials tier or above at $19 per user per month, which includes templates, media editor, and analytics. They also offer Business plan pricing at $49 and custom Enterprise quotes.

On the flip side, users report that the pricing becomes difficult to justify for a document point-solution, especially as a business scales. Additionally, platform usability is a concern for some users who claim that there are disconnects between editor modes.

If you’re looking for a solid document workflow platform without sophisticated HR features, this may be a good option to consider.

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5. eFileCabinet

With a heavier emphasis on filing and document storage, eFileCabinet is a strong contender to consider. eFileCabinet is known for offering both cloud and on-premise document and content management software for better file organization. It offers similar features as other document platforms to help businesses save time.

eFileCabinet’s Key HR Document Management Features:

  • Send and sign forms
  • Securely share files of any size
  • Control access and track files
  • Accessible by browser or desktop app
  • Training and in-app help resources

Pricing: eFileCabinet starts at $1200.00 per feature, per year and do not currently offer a free trial. Pricing depends on deployment, support, and training options.

Customer service appears to be the biggest pain point for users, and others claim the tool can be buggy from time to time..

Regardless, the tool is a solid option if you’re only looking for e-signature and file tracking.

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6. DynaFile

For scanning automation and file recognition, DynaFile may be a good choice to look into. The platform is known for scan to cloud document management, and digital filing. The platform itself focuses more on the actual actions of filing versus document editing or signing.

DynaFile’s Key HR Document Management Features:

  • Scan paper employee files and convert into digital documents
  • Access and manage employee documents online
  • Control access to specific sections of employee files
  • Batch process paper files

Pricing: DynaFile pricing starts at $249 per user, per month, and does not currently offer a free version. Pricing is dependent on features requested.

The biggest downside to utilizing DynaFile is the lack of sophisticated eSignature and document editing features. They partner with other platforms like DocuSign for eSignature, but that means another platform to integrate, whereas an all-in-one HRIS offers all of the document management and other HR features in one spot.

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7. Box

Box Logo

Website: Visit Box

Box is a content management and document management platform that is helpful for sharing and collaborating on documents. The software is a solid alternative for securely sharing and collaborating on HR related documents while remaining HIPAA, FINRA, and FedRAMP compliant.

Box’s Key HR Document Management Features:

  • Stream files directly from cloud to desktop
  • Collaborate and share documents in a central workspace
  • Secure sensitive employee records
  • Collect eSignatures on onboarding documents
  • Create custom document workflows across teams

Pricing: The Business Starter plan starts at $5 per month, per user, but is limited to 10 users max. The Business plan is the next tier at $15 per month, per user, followed by Enterprise pricing that is custom quoted.

With generally strong features for advanced document management, the cons of this platform are its usability and difficult to organize and locate where certain documents are.

All in all, the platform offers strong file collaboration and management features for consideration.

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8. DocStar ECM

Another option for HR document management is DocStar ECM. The platform is a general content management software with modules specific to file management. Again, this is more of a point-solution than a comprehensive HRIS, but it still offers intuitive document capture and imports.

DocStar ECM’s HR Document Management Features:

  • Capture documents virtually from any input device
  • Search for documents in a single location
  • Import HR documents from external sources
  • Create digital document workflows
  • Ensure compliance with legislative acts

Pricing: Pricing is available upon request and custom quoted.

Similar to other point-solutions, there are limitations when it comes to integrating this platform with your HRIS. The software is however intuitive to use and gets the job done when it comes to HR documents.

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9. PeopleDoc

PeopleDoc offers HR file management and document services to help simplify HR operations. The employee file management software and knowledge portal is known for actively managing documents, proactively streamlining compliance, and providing retention schedules.

PeopleDoc’s HR Document Management Features:

  • Create simple and complex documents from other HR systems
  • Securely share documents
  • Perform advanced searches using multiple criteria
  • Place documents under litigation hold

Pricing: Pricing is custom quoted.

The biggest downside to PeopleDoc is the lack of integration with other HR tools and the lack of native eSignature capabilities. Without a consolidated HR system, this can mean many log-ins and added steps.

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10. DocuPhase

With a heavier focus on accounting processes, DocuPhase can be a helpful document management tool for HR-related accounting files. The automation solution provides helpful tools for simplifying digital filing and employee data management.

DocuPhase’s Key HR Document Management Features:

  • Drag-and-drop documents in workflows
  • Create accounting and other forms
  • Organize digital documents in a central location
  • Review key analytics to reinforce HR value

Pricing: Pricing is custom quoted.

DocuPhase gets the job done for HR document tracking, but upgrade processes and user experience have room for improvement. This is still a potentially good, no-frills option to consider for your HR document needs.

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Things to Keep In Mind Before Choosing an HR Document Management Platform

To make the ultimate decision on the type of platform that fits your situation, make sure to keep these in mind:

  • Your monthly or yearly budget (Consider youre HR budget if you’re looking to move to an all-in-one experience)
  • The number of employees in your organization (A large majority of services charge by employee #)
  • The implementation timeframe for new software
  • All of the services you are looking for (Document management, single log-in, benefits administration, performance reviews, compliance support, etc.)
  • Document management features you’ll need like eSignature, data & reporting, document editing and collaborating, etc.
  • Types of integrations you would like
  • Add-ons to streamline your entire HR program

Having these in mind will help guide your research process, and help you identify qualifying software options. HR software like GoCo provides a modern, all-in-one HR platform with not only sophisticated document management tools, but also unique solutions for digital onboarding, workflow management, payroll runs, and ACA compliance tasks that likely fall on your HR plate as well. For the ultimate automated document experience, we recommend taking the all-in-one HR route and making GoCo a multi-purpose digital tool for your organization.

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